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We provide a unique range of exclusive Gifts and Handmade Greeting Cards. Many carry our own designs and nearly all can be personalised to your own individual requirements. We offer FREE UK postage, if you prefer, we can send your card or gift direct to that special someone so you don't even have to worry about a stamp!



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Make your card unique by adding your own individual greeting, poem or message. Simply select one of pre-printed inserts or tell us what you want to say and we will add it to your card!

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OTHER GREETING cards from Dunningham's.

Please do remember to check back from time to time or ask us to notify you when new cards or ranges are added to our store.

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'Such a busy busy bee, why not.. take a break and ring me?'

LIFE01 £1.90

'Unwind, break out for a while... have a great day!'

LIFE02 £1.90

'Happy Birthday... You're right, I forgot!'

OTHER01 £1.70

'I'm sorry .... but you love me really?

OTHER02 £1.70
teacher thank you teacher thankyou

THANX03 £1.90

THANX02 £1.90

'You crazy goose!'

OTHER03 £1.70

'Ain't life great?'

OTHER04 £1.70

'I'm in a real flap over you!'

OTHER05 £1.70



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