in the City Theatre,
Fowler's Yard, Back Silver Street,Durham


    CHAIRMAN:      TERESA HAGGER  (Tel: 0191 386 7085)
    SECRETARY:     CHRIS NEVILLE-SMITH  (Tel: 0191 386 6556)

                     PRESIDENT: MARION CLAPHAM

Durham Dramatic Society is an amateur dramatic group which has been in existence since 1924. The Society presents its performances  in the City Theatre, a bijou city-centre venue with an audience capacity of 71. Usually five productions are presented each year, in January, April, June, September and November. Each production is given seven performances (a Sunday matinee, then Monday through Saturday evenings), all of which are bookable (see "tickets" below). As a group which actually owns its own theatre, Durham Dramatic Society qualifies for membership of the Little Theatres Guild of Great Britain, of which it has been a member since 1994. In the milennium year, as a member of the Little Theatres Guild, we presented a world premiere production of "Sand Castles", sponsored by BT, and in 2008 we hosted the LTG Northern Region Annual Conference here.


                                                       History of the Society and the City Theatre   How it all happened!

                                                        Membership of the Society is open to all, and is available in several categories.

          (PLEASE CLICK ON         Tickets   may be obtained in advance or from City's Gala Theatre Box
                                                         Office, from three weeks prior to the first performance (but see tickets page).

              ANY OF THE                  Officers are elected every year at the Society's AGM, together with
                                                         new/replacement directors (see link page for more details of procedures).

         PURPLE ITALICISED        Social Evenings   are usually held once every month on Fridays.

     HEADINGS ALONGSIDE     Forthcoming (and Previous) Productions  Usually five plays are produced
                                                        each season (which commences in January of each year).  All the plays for the
                                                        season are selected (usually about a year in advance) by the Play Selection  &
FOR FURTHER             Casting Committee, who are also responsible for the casting of each play.
                                                                                                          This usually occurs during the rehearsal period for the previous play, following
                                                                                           a read-through of the play and auditions on consecutive evenings.
                                                                            The Little Theatres Guild of Great Britain  - our membership and links. 

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                                                                            you have nothing to offer DDS!

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