The constitution of the Society provides for the direct election (at the AGM each year) of the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Theatre Manager and Production Committee Chairman of the Society.

Directors, which are also elected at the AGM, serve for a maximum of three years, after which period they are required to relinquish their posts for a minimum of one year, with a replacement director being elected at the AGM for each retiring director.

Current Elected Officers are:


  • Chair:  Teresa Hagger

  • Secretary:  Chris Neville-Smith           

  • Treasurer:  Wendy Smith

  • Theatre Manager:   Peter Hagger

  • Chair of Production Committee:  Michael Smith

Other Officers of the Society:


  • Vice Chair:   Peter Hagger

  • Membership:   Elenor Maddison

  • Priority Bookings:  Wendy Smith

  • Stage Manager:  Peter Hagger

  • Properties:  Elenor Maddison

  • Wardrobe Supervisor:  Marion Clapham


                  Tess                   Mike                    Pete                  Wendy              Marion                 Chris


Should you have any items which you might like to see on our website,
please contact Ian Woodhouse on (0191) 5979774.  If there is anything which you would like to see included in  the
Stage Whisper, the Society's official newsletter, please contact Neil Gander on 01207 529650.

Ian                                          Neil  

Costumes from theTheatre Wardrobe are available for hire. Please contact the Chairman of the Society,
Tess Hagger,
if you are interested.