Schedule of Plays to be Performed by Durham Dramatic Society
                           OUR 2018 SEASON'S PLAYS

Week Comm. Sunday, Feb 11th 2018:      HAPPY FAMILIES          by John Godber

Week Comm. Sunday, April 22nd 2018:     WHIPPING IT UP    by Steve Thompson

Week Comm. Sunday, June 24th 2018:       HAUNTING JULIA   by Alan Ayckbourn *

Week Comm. Wednesday, August 4th 2018 (4 nights only): MINDGAME  by Anthony Horowitz

Week Comm. Sunday, Sept. 16th 2018:      PEOPLE                      by Alan Bennett

Week Comm. Sunday, Nov.18th 2018:        DEAD MAN'S HAND  by Seymour Matthews

* PLEASE NOTE: We were unable to obtain a licence for the play originally scheduled - How The Other Half Loves, also by Alan Ayckbourn.


                                                                                                   First Play of our 2018 Season!   
                                                                                                  HAPPY FAMILIES

                                                                                                     JOHN GODBER.


                                 Sunday, 11th February 2018Saturday, 16th February 2018                         


                                                                      The play is being produced by

                                         Teresa Hagger                                                                        



   John    Kristian Colling                  Dot     Lesley Anderson

 Vic        Michael Smith                       Liz     Kate Lawrie

  Jack  Marshall Peach  Auntie Doris Helen Harries

  Auntie Edna       Rebecca &     Lynn Sutton     

                                  Pauline Gill                                                              Amanda Chapman


                                                  POST-1985 PRODUCTIONS BY DURHAM DRAMATIC SOCIETY

                Alan Godfrey has developed some web pages of recent past productions:
                      if you would like to look at these,     CLICK HERE

                       PLAY                                                    AUTHOR                                          DDS  DIRECTOR

1986        Suddenly at Home                                - Francis Durbridge                                      Peter Dawson
               The Winslow Boy                                  - Terence Rattigan                                       Kate Lawrie
               Season’s Greetings                                - Alan Ayckbourn                                        Teresa Hagger

1987        Arsenic and Old Lace                           - Joseph Kesselring                                      Kate Lawrie
               The Disorderly Women                         - John Bowen                                              Peter Dawson
               Edge of Darkness                                  - Brian Clemens                                           Kate Lawrie
               Blithe Spirit                                          - Noel Coward                                             Teresa Hagger

1988        The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie             - Muriel Spark/ Jay Presson Allen               Kate Lawrie    
               Deathtrap                                             - Ira Levin                                                   Peter Dawson
               Relatively Speaking                              - Alan Ayckbourn                                        Barbara Woodhouse
               The Lion in Winter                               - James Goldman                                        Teresa Hagger

1989        When We Are Married                         - J.B. Priestley                                              Peter Dawson
               Getting On                                           - Alan Bennett                                              Barbara Woodhouse
               Charley’s Aunt                                     - Brandon Thomas                                       Kate Lawrie
               Present Laughter                                  - Noel Coward                                              Teresa Hagger

1990        An Inspector Calls                               - J.B. Priestley                                              Peter Dawson
               House Guest                                         - Francis Durbridge                                      Barbara Woodhouse
               Move over Mrs Markham                    - Ray Cooney/John Chapman                      Joyce Brown
               Educating Rita                                     - Willy Russell                                              Kate Lawrie
               Pack of Lies                                         - Hugh Whitemore                                       Joyce Brown

1991        The Cherry Orchard                             - Anton Chekhov                                         Teresa Hagger
               Alphabetical Order                               - Michael Frayn                                           Barbara Woodhouse
               Daisy Pulls it Off                                  - Denise Deegan                                           Kate Lawrie
               The Circle                                             - W. Somerset Maugham                             Barbara Woodhouse

1992        Farndale Avenue Macbeth                    - David McGillivray/Walter Zerlin Jnr         Peter Storey
               Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf            - Edward Albee                                            Peter Dawson
               Laburnham Grove                                - J.B. Priestley                                              Joyce Brown
               Uncle Vanya                                         - Anton Chekhov                                         Teresa Hagger

1993        Table Manners                                      - Terence Rattigan                                       Kate Lawrie
               Unexpected Guest                                 - Francis Durbridge                                      Peter Dawson
               84 Charing Cross Road                        - Helene Hanff                                              Joyce Brown
               The Day They Kidnapped The Pop       - Joao Bethencourt                                       Colin H. Clark
               The Importance Of Being Ernest          - Oscar Wilde                                                Teresa Hagger

1994       Relative Values                                       - Noel Coward                                           Joyce Brown
               Shut Your Eyes And Think of England   - John Chapman/Anthony Marriot            Barbara Woodhouse
               Chorus of Disapproval                           - Alan Ayckbourn                                       Kate Lawrie
               Separate Tables                                      - Terence Rattigan                                      Teresa Hagger

1995        Pygmalion                                             - George Bernard Shaw                               Barbara Woodhouse
               Tons of Money                                      - Alan Ayckbourn                                       Kate Lawrie
               Woman in Mind                                    - Alan Ayckbourn                                       Joyce Brown
               California Suite                                     - Neil Simon                                               Teresa Hagger
1996        Beyond Reasonable Doubt                    - Jeffrey Archer                                           Kate Lawrie
               Key for Two                                          - John Chapman/Anthony Freeman             Barbara Woodhouse
               Night Must Fall                                     - Emlyn Williams                                         Joyce Brown
               Shirley Valentine                                   - Willy Russell                                             Kate Lawrie                
               The Old Country                                   - Alan Bennett                                             Barbara Woodhouse

1997        Farndale Avenue Murder Mystery         - DavidMcGillivray/Walter Zerlin Jnr          Kate Lawrie
               My Mother Said I Never Should            - Charlotte Keatly                                       Teresa Hagger
               Absent Friends                                       - Alan Ayckbourn                                        Joyce Brown
               Under Milk Wood                                  - Dylan Thomas                                          Kate Lawrie
               Ten Times Table                                     - Alan Ayckbourn                                       Teresa Hagger

1998        The Deep Blue Sea                                 - Terence Rattigan                                       Barbara Woodhouse
               Juno & The Paycock                              - Sean O’Casey                                           Joyce Brown
               Anyone For Breakfast                            - Derek Benfield                                          Colin H. Clark
               Dangerous Obsession                             - N.J. Crisp                                                  Gordon Bond
               The Time Of My Life                             - Alan Ayckbourn                                        Barbara Woodhouse

1999        A Murder Is Announced                        - Agatha Christie                                          Colin H. Clark
               Habeas Corpus                                      - Alan Bennett                                              Teresa Hagger
               Dancing At Lughnasa                            - Brian Friel                                                  Joyce Brown
               The Cemetery Club                                - Ivan Menchell                                            Kate Lawrie
               1984                                                       - George Orwell                                            Colin H. Clark

2000        Rumours                                                - Neil Simon                                                Teresa Hagger
               Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime                   - Constance Cox                                           Kate Lawrie
               Lend Me A Tenor                                  - Ken Ludwig                                               Gordon Bond
               Talking Heads                                       - Alan Bennett                                              Teresa Hagger/Kate Lawrie
               Sandcastles                                            - Bob Larbey                                                Gordon Bond

2001        Ideal Husband                                       - Oscar Wilde                                               Teresa Hagger
               Gaslight                                                 - Patrick Hamilton                                       Barbara Woodhouse
               On Golden Pond                                    - Ernest Thompson                                      Kate Lawrie
               Curtain Up On Murder                          - Bettine Manktelow                                    Colin H. Clark
               A Midsummer Night's Dream                - William Shakespeare                                 Kate Lawrie
               I Have Been Here Before                        - J.B. Priestley                                             Barbara Woodhouse
2002        Cash On Delivery                                    - Michael Cooney                                        Colin H. Clark
               Lettice & Lovage                                    - Peter Shaffer                                             Teresa Hagger
               The Kingfisher                                        - William Douglas-Home                            Michael Smith
               Murder By Misadventure                        - Edward Taylor                                         Gordon Bond
               Plaza Suite                                              - Neil Simon                                               Barbara Woodhouse     

2003        Lady Windermere’s Fan                         - Oscar Wilde                                              Joyce Brown                
               Pardon Me, Prime Minister                    - Edward Taylor & John Graham               Michael Smith
               That Good Night                                    - N.J. Crisp                                                 Teresa Hagger

               Steel Magnolias                                      - Robert Harling                                         Kate Lawrie
               The Happiest Days of Your Life             - John Dighton                                            Teresa Hagger

2004        An Inspector Calls                                 - J. B. Priestley                                            Joyce Brown
               The Circle                                              - W. Somerset Maugham                             Michael Smith
               Ladies in Retirement                              -  E. Percy & R. Denham                             Gordon Bond                      
               Time And Time Again                            - Alan Ayckbourn                                        Kate Lawrie
               Blithe Spirit                                           - Noel Coward                                              Teresa Hagger

2005        The Woman In White                            - Constance Cox                                           Kate Lawrie
               The Anastasia File                                 - Royce Ryton                                               Theresa Mulkerrin
               Holiday Snap                                        - Michael Pertwee & John Chapman             Barbara Woodhouse
               Travels With My Aunt                           - Giles Havergal                                           Michael Smith
               Laughter In The Dark                           - Victor Lucas                                               Gordon Bond

2006       The Late Edwina Black                          - William Dinner & William Morum          Barbara Woodhouse
               Bus Stop                                               - William Inge                                               Teresa Hagger
               Outside Edge                                         - Richard Harris                                           Michael Smith
               Make Way for Lucia                             - John Van Druten                                       Theresa Mulkerrin
               Hobson’s Choice                                   - Harold Brighouse                                       Kate Lawrie

2007        Proof                                                     - David Auburn                                           Michael Smith
               Quartet                                                  - Ronald Harwood                                       Kate Lawrie
               God Only Knows                                   - Hugh Whitemore                                       Theresa Mulkerrin
               The Killing of Sister George                   - Frank Marcus                                         Teresa Hagger
               Role Play                                               - Alan Ayckbourn                                        Barbara Woodhouse

2008        Hay Fever                                              - Noel Coward                                             Michael Smith
               Weekend Breaks                                    - John Godber                                             Teresa Hagger
               The Importance Of Being Earnest         - Oscar Wilde                                               Barbara Woodhouse
               Speechless                                              - Sharon Stone                                            Gordon Bond
               Come On, Jeeves                                   - Wodehouse & Bolton                                Theresa Mulkerrin

2009       The Winslow Boy                                   - Terence Rattigan                                       Barbara Woodhouse
               Map of The Heart                                  - William Nicholson                                    Kate Lawrie
               The Hollow                                            - Agatha Christie                                        Theresa Mulkerrin
               The Franchise Affair                              - Josephine Tey                                           Gordon Bond
               London Suite                                         - Neil Simon                                                Teresa Hagger
2010        When We Are Married                          - J.B. Priestley                                           Barbara Woodhouse
               Neville's Island                                      - Tim Firth                                                   Kate Lawrie
               Present Laughter                                   - Noel Coward                                             Teresa Hagger
               Perfect Murder                                      - Ken Cotterill                                             Gordon Bond
               Dangerous Corner                                 - J.B. Priestley                                             Michael Smith

2011        Gaslight                                                - Patrick Hamilton                                       Kate Lawrie/Tess Hagger
               Good Morning, Bill                              -  P G Wodehouse                                        Theresa Mulkerrin
               Breaking The Code                              -  Hugh Whitemore                                       Michael Smith
               Cranford                                              -  Mrs Gaskell                                               Kate Lawrie
               Blue Remembered Hills                        -  Dennis Potter                                            Teresa Hagger

2012        Glorious                                              -  Peter Quilter                                              Kate Lawrie
               The Aspern Papers                               -  Henry James                                             Theresa Mulkerrin
               Separate Tables                                    -  Terence Rattigan                                     Teresa Hagger
               Rules Of The Game                              -  Luigi Pirandello                                        Alan Godfrey
               Loot                                                     -  Joe Orton                                                    Michael Smith

2013       The Constant Wife                             -  W. Somerset Maugham                            Kate Lawrie
               House Guest                                       -  Francis Durbridge                                    Theresa Mulkerrin
               Private Lives                                      -  Noel Coward                                             Michael Smith
              Bull In a China Shop                           -  C B Gilford                                                Alan Godfrey
               Improbable Fiction                             -  Alan Ayckbourn                                         Chris Neville-Smith

2014      The Odd Couple                                   -  Neil Simon                                                Teresa Hagger
              Arsenic & Old Lace                             -  Joseph Kesselring                                     Kate Lawrie
              Heroes                                                   -  Tom Stoppard                                          Michael Smith
              Rope                                                      -  Patrick Hamilton                                     Alan Godfrey
              Our House                                            -  John Godber                                            Chris Neville-Smith

2015      Entertaining Angels                              -  Richard Everett                                       Teresa Hagger
              Murder Weapon                                   -  Brian Clemens                                          Theresa Mulkerrin
              The Memory of Water                         -  Shelagh Stephenson                                 Chris Neville-Smith
              Trivial Pursuit                                      -  Frank Vickery                                          Kate Lawrie
              Humble Boy                                          -  Charlotte Jones                                        Michael Smith

2016      Inspector Drake & the Perfekt Crime-  David Tristram                                         Teresa Hagger
              Over My Dead Body                            -  Derek Benfield                                          Kate Lawrie
              A Servant to Two Masters                  -  Carlo Goldini/Lee Hall                              Michael Smith
              Enter a Free Man                                -  Tom Stoppard                                          Alan Godfrey
              One For The Road                              -  Willy Russell                                             Caroline Chapman

2017      The Hound of theBaskervilles             -   Tim Kelly                                                 Teresa Hagger
              Natural Causes                                    -   Eric Chappell                                           Michael Smith
              My Cousin Rachel                               -   Diana Morgan                                          Kate Lawrie
              And A Nightingale Sang                      -   C P Taylor                                               Chris Neville-Smith
              Ladies Day                                           -   Amanda Whittington                               Caroline Chapman