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How easy it would be to trace our family history if ancestors had stayed in one village or town for century after century.  But this is not the way of the world for they travelled far and wide in search of work, adventure or maybe a partner.   Searching for twigs of information to build the branches of the Family Tree can be a long and frustrating business when the records you need are not close to hand. 

I spent 20 years in Hong Kong working for the Royal Hong Kong Police and during the weekends, instead of heading off on a junk on the South China Sea, I made my way to the former  Colonial Cemetery in Happy Valley.  Over the years I gradually recorded all the legible memorial inscriptions in the hope that these very ordinary people would never be forgotten.  Read more about my project in The Orient pages.

Before and after my sojourn in Hong Kong I worked for the Metropolitan Police and became a 'paper detective' searching for snippets of information and intelligence hidden in dusty files and registers at New Scotland Yard.  Read more about Metropolitan Police records in the Police pages.

The National Archives holds a wealth of information on 19th. & early 20th. century expatriates in the far east and also on 19th. & 20th. century police officers.  If you are looking for that missing 'twig' maybe twiglet.thomas can be of assistance.

bullet I am listed as an Independent Researcher on the web-site of The National Archives - www.nationalarchives.gov.uk   
bullet I am also a member of the Association of Genealogists and Researchers in Archives (AGRA) - www.agra.org.uk   

Record offices, archives and libraries where I undertake research can be found on the UK pages and my research fees can be found under Terms.


Contact Information

Christine M. Thomas
21 Rochford Way


UK 020 8689 9047
Overseas 00 44 20 8689 9047
E-mail:  twiglet.thomas@tiscali.co.uk


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