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We have been to Whitby several times, the latest in the summer of 2011. The weather was not good but a happy time was had by all. I give a few facts about Whiby below and include some photos on the other pages. I hope you enjoy.

·Whitby is situated on the Yorkshire Coast at the mouth of the river Esk.
The town's current name, Whitby, derives from " white settlement" in Old Norse.
·Todays it's mainly a fishing port and tourist area.
·Famous people who lived at Whitby include: Captain James Cook, the 18th century explorer and pioneer photographer, Frank Meadow Sutcliffe.
·The earliest recorded settlement at was in 656.
·Whitby was important to the early church in Britain. The Synod of Whitby was held in 664.
·Whitby Abbey is where Caedmon, the earliest English poet, lived.
·Industries included alum mining and shipping. Whaling and herring fishing were also important.
·Whitby is famous for jet jewelry.
·The town has an association with literature, especially with the novel Dracula by Bram Stoker.

Copyright 2011 - original photos taken by Douglas W. Place.
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