1)  http://www.grottesdenaours.com/nous.htm  Caves at Naours


 2)  http://www.terragalleria.com/europe/france/france-north/france-north.html    For Amiens Cathedral


 3)   http://www.eastrybenefice.co.uk            Eastry Church




 5)  http://www.eastry.kent.sch.uk/    Eastry School


 6)  http://www.eastrypc.co.uk/  Eastry Parish Council


 7)  http://www.roll-of-honour.com/Kent/Eastry.html  List of names on Eastry war memorial




 9)  http://www.staple-online.co.uk/nearby-facilities.html  Useful - local facilities inc Tel No's (pubs/shops/doctors etc)

10) http://www.thebluepigeons.co.uk Link to Greg's first website and a decent place for a pint and something to eat.