From: Hazel Bradey 

A Beautiful warm sunny day - very little breeze to blow the music away!
Perfect day for the village Gala
We were introduced to the Lord Mayor of Sheffield and the Deputy Chairman of the Ecclesfield Parish Council.
We were in our usual gazebo - with a bit of us sticking out the front - new table cloths and music stand covers.  We were positioned well away from the fire brigade demonstrations.
We rang a mixture of popular songs and music for our allocated session -
I was grateful for help from 2 of my training team ringers for standing in and playing.
 and also help with the collecting boxes.
A stall selling our CD's, and a collection of lavender, herbs, cactuses and houseplants helped to raise funds.
All Proceeds from the Gala were shared with the Macmillan Nurses Appeal.

"We need it to be really loud"

"Caught you smiling!"

 It will spoil your image.