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NB After many years Orange have decided they will no longer support the old 'freeserve' email accounts so reluctantly we have had to change our main contact email address.

New one from May 2017 is :-




Please keep looking for news of our forthcoming engagements. We are happy to take part in  concerts or informal evenings, giving talks about the history of handbell ringing and practical demonstrations, or even lessons. We are always pleased to welcome visitors and potential (victims??!  - sorry) new ringers to our practise sessions at the Gatty Hall, Ecclesfield on Wednesday evenings from 6.30pm. Please contact us.

April 2017

HRBG 50th Anniversary Rally at Exeter University

As founder members of HRGB (Team Reg. No. 3) Ecclesfield attended the 50th anniversary rally, hosting a workshop, performing on the Saturday evening concert and playing during the Sunday rally sessions. We had a great time catching up with old friends and demonstrating our own style of 'Yorkshire 'off-table' handbell ringing. Well done to SW Region for organising a brilliant weekend.


Christmas 2014

The team has been through a difficult time during the last 18 months, as all teams do periodically. Various members have had problems with ill health and we were very saddened to lose Maureen. Now Judith has decided it is time for her to step down from the concert team. But 'nil desperandum'. We have gained two new ringers and the reorganised team is forging ahead once more. We also now have an almost complete second team, made up of members of Sheffield U3A, who practise separately and are also available to play at events locally. 

3rd August 2012

We were invited to ring for the delegates at the International Symposium at the Echo Arena in Liverpool. What a venue! The idea was to demonstrate traditional 'Yorkshire' method ringing; a novelty to most foreign teams. The ringing has been better, but nevertheless we had a great reception, with dozens of delegates crowding the table afterwards asking questions and wanting to try the bells. Many were most impressed with the age of the bells and the history of the team. They were also interested in how we ring 'off-table' using the 'up' stroke, rather than ringing the bells downwards from the shoulder.

Thank you, HRGB. We had a great evening, even if it was exhausting. Hope everyone else enjoyed it? (And thanks to the Arena staff we even got to see Becky Adlington win a bronze medal on TV. Just as well, or Lynne would never have forgiven us for making her ring.)


30th March-1st April 2012

Our weekend at the HRGB National Rally in York was a great success, though exhausting! We organised some informal ringing in the bar on Friday (then moved some bells), rang in the rally on Saturday morning (then moved some bells) played on the concert Saturday night (then moved some bells). Who needs a gym subscription, eh? But it was all good fun. Thanks for all the positive feedback and fan email received since. Nice to be appreciated and to know that everyone else enjoyed themselves. Well done to all at Beverley for managing another great event.

3rd March 2012

As our contribution to Sheffield's 'Cultural Olympiad' we are hosting an informal afternoon of ringing at the Gatty Hall with friends from Beverley and Clifton handbell teams. Visitors will be more than welcome to come along.

Old News

January 2008

Happy New Year once more! During 2007 we have played in several wonderful concerts, in particular at Emley Parish Church at Christmas, where we made some very pleasant new friends. Thank you Emley for inviting us.

This year we have invested more money in equipment; this time splashing out on some new hand-made baskets in which to transport the bells. The old ones have served us well but were getting very battered. We looked at all the modern alternatives of wooden and aluminium cases but decided that with the number of bells we have, and the weight we have to carry, the old tried and tested method is the best. (So we can look forward to the same old jokes about laundry, pigeons and picnics as usual whenever we go anywhere!)


January 2007

Happy New Year!  Our Christmas Concert was a great success (again). Thank you to all participants and, of course, our audience for their support.

Wed. 29th March 2006.

 Our bells are home!  Each bell had been carefully and individually packaged in tissue, with the larger clappers in dusters, and each in its own plastic bag. We laid them all out on the tables to count them - they looked like mummies in their wrappings. Then, having given Hazel the privilege of opening the first one, it was suddenly like Christmas. Paper everywhere! Ooo's and aah's from all round! Gosh, aren't they shiny! Then, when they were sorted out, "what shall we play?" Only one option really for the homecoming of Ecclesfield's bells; it had to be 'Caliph'. And the verdict? Do we like them? Well, the new springs are a bit stiff and the felts are a bit thick which makes playing softly more difficult, but we're sure they will 'bed in'. More importantly, all the bells are now in tune and sound lovely. Overall reaction was good - not bad for Ecclesfield. Their first outing will be Grassington on May 13th. Come and listen.



On January 6th 2006 we consigned our bells into the tender loving care of Whitechapel Bell Foundry for another major overhaul; the last one was in 1983. Oh, doom and gloom!  However, we are expecting them back in late March. Hurrah! That is if we have raised enough money to pay the bill. Oh, the expense!

In the meantime we have had the privilege of using the Thurlstone Bells for practices. Thank you Thurlstone for your hospitality. We hope you will find some permanent ringers for your lovely bells soon.


The first weekend in April 2005 saw a 'National' gathering for HRGB. We celebrated the 150th anniversary of the Handbell Ringing Contests, which used to be held at Belle Vue, Manchester, by holding a weekend of events for teams from all around the country.

Ecclesfield were proud to be present. We ran a workshop to demonstrate one of the original contest music pieces, played a couple of other historic arrangements on the Saturday night concert, and generally had a good time socialising in the bar, as usual. We enjoyed it. Did everyone else?








Forthcoming events


9 Dec 2017 

Christmas Concert at Gatty Hall

 with 'Humble Swain' and Deepcar Brass Band


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