Photo Gallery.
At Liverpool  2012

                   Just about ready.                                                                          Lots of interest afterwards!


Our Christmas Concert At Gatty Hall - December 2007

The team in action with

 Barnsley Building Society Band looking on.


Why can't we smile and ring at the same time?


       We also need Doormen                          - Raffle ticket sellers                          - and tea-makers!




This how ours bells arrived from Whitechapel Bell Foundry after they were refurbished in January/February 2006

It was like Christmas! We didn't know where to start.

Checking and counting them as we go.
Wow! Aren't they shiny!

Are these really our bells?



Practises at Thurlstone

 whilst our bells were at Whitechapel

The 'Bell 'Ole' at Thurlstone still has all their old souvenirs and memorabilia around the walls.

It was a privilege to play there.