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How you can Help!

TAOST is a young organization, with the will to contribute to the mitigation of the impact of HIV/AIDS in the community served and with plans to expand countrywide and beyond. Unfortunately much of what we have is a vision and the will to see it through, even if this does not happen in our lifetime and ourselves. We lack much of the necessary resources needed to implement our mission.

For that matter we appeal to any person or persons and institutions who read this to come to our aid in order to assist us help these orphans, young people and widows of HIV/AIDS realize their potential in life because it is unlikely that Government efforts alone can do this, worst still for these populations that are far removed from the center with no advocate.

If you wish to support our organization please click here to donate.

You can become a member of TAOST on fulfilling the requirement for registration.

a) Membership is open to any individual who:
    =» Has a vision in line with that of TAOST, and can help with achieving its aims and objectives.
    =» Is of majority age (18 years) and of sound mind.
    =» Has paid membership fees.
b) There are four types of membership and staff.
    =» I. Ordinary Members: These are individuals of majority age who have paid membership fees.
    =» II. Life Members: These are the founders of the          organization and any ordinary member is eligible of          becoming a life member on payment of the life membership fee.
    =» III. Honourable Members: These are individuals who have rendered a distinguished service to the organization.

    =» IV. Associate Members: These are organisations that have objectives similar to those of TAOST.

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