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Our Programmes

We operate five programme areas:

  1. Formal education for AIDS orphans and disadvantaged children.
  2. Vocational training for youths and widows.
  3. Income generating projects for the disadvantaged.
  4. HIV/AIDS awareness programme.
  5. Home-based care for people living with HIV and AIDS (PLWHA).

Proramme 1:
Formal education for AIDS orphans and disadvantaged children.

To provide basic education to as many AIDS orphans/disadvantaged children as possible through provision of scholarstic materials and feeding support within the schools

Identify foster fmilies for each child for provision of a supportive home environment and through whom donation can be channelled.


  1. Identify and place needy orphans in school.
  2. To allocate resources e.g. tution fees and scholastic materials to the beneficiaries.
  3. To build schools where orphans will be placed to get formal education. The Trust is so far operating a school in rented premises. The school is known as TAOST Junior Academy.

Programme 2:
Vocational Training for Youth and Widows Programme.

To improve the ability of beneficiary families to raise their household incomes so as to lead a meaningful life.


To provide vocational skills to youths and widows so as to enable them improve on the ability to cope financially.


  1. Identify and place eligible youths in vocational training schools.
  2. Allocate and provide resources for training e.g. tool kits and scholastic materials.
  3. Mobilize and educate disadvantaged youths, widows and their family members in participatory development.

Programme 3:
Income Generating projects for the disadvantaged.

To foster independence among beneficiary orphans who have completed a basic level of education, and youths and widows who have attained vocational skills.


This will be done through provision of startup loans that will be payable over a period of time.


  1. Identify viable projects.
  2. Training of beneficiaries in small business skills.
  3. Allocate required resources e.g. small loans.

Programme 4:
HIV/AIDS Awareness Programme


To create awareness about HIV/AIDS in order to reduce the spread of the disease and significantly increase the utilization of related health services.


This will be done through health promotion and health education activites manned by health workers and trained volunteers.


  1. To organize and carry out sensitization sessions in the strategic community sites.
  2. Training community-based social workers in community mobilization and VCT skills.
  3. Establish and facilitate behavioural change drama groups.

Programme 5:
Home-based care for PLWHA


To enhance the capacity of PLWHA to participate actively in the social and economic aspects of the communities in which they live.


To promote a supportive community environment for PLWHA in order to improve surveillance, timely seeking of medical assistance and ensure compliance with medications prescribed. This has the advantage of improving service utilization and reducing stigma.


  1. To establish functional PLWHA clubs within communities.
  2. To offer material support to affected familes.
  3. Build an outreach care center.
  4. Liaise with existing health delivery centers to avail clinical care and ensure technical support for community VCT volunteers.

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Irene making beads out of paper. Widows are trained in such skills so they can improve on their household incomes.

A volunteer participating in preparing the garden for planting.

Robinah lost her husband and her four children, she is now left to care for herself, with counselling from TAOST.

TAOST organises awareness raising education for its volunteers.

Mudondo Faridah lost her husband and then her daughter. With the support of TAOST she looks after her five remaining children, plus her daughter's child.