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Shared Visions

Our Values
TAOST is made up of a group of youthful individuals who grew up in deprivation, struggling all the way just to complete a basic University degree. The challenges of poverty are very clear in their minds. And this is complicated further by the negative impact of HIV/AIDS on communities and families, the resolve is even stronger to play a part in assisting vulnerable and deprived people make it through this challenge in a better way than they themselves experienced.

Our Shared Vision
A country, society and communities where households and individuals honour and live by values and practices that promote safe behavior, value education, care for one another. And everyone at his or her levels of responsibility is doing whatever is possible to realize this, and is accountable in all ways to the community that they serve.

The communities on the other hand have restored a sense of social responsibility and shame, know their rights and have the knowledge and skills to hold individual, administrative and political persons responsible for any deeds that may jeopardize their vision.

Our Mission
- To mitigate the underlying causes and long-term impact of HIV/AIDS among orphans, widows, youths and the disadvantaged.

- To deal with the causes of, effects of, and significantly reverse, the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Our goal
To enhance the capacity of orphans, youth, widows and the disadvantaged to lead healthy, purposeful and productive lives in the face of the HIV/AIDS scourge.

The AIDS Orphans Support Trust
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These are some of the founder members of TAOST.

These are some of the teachers at TAOST Academy. Some of them are orphans themselves.