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Our work is important and urgent. Please help us by becoming a member, volunteering or sending a donation.


Could you help us with our work? TAOST has opportunities for volunteers who can help in these areas:

  1. Child care and counselling for orphans - most of whom have been affected by HIV/AIDS.
  2. Entrepreneurial Skills training for the poor Widows who lack support ever since they lost their spouses.
  3. The needy children who have been deprived by various circumstances.

Our vision is well published on this website. Further information about Uganda and Jinja in particular may be found at www.visituganda.com

Specifically, volunteers in the following categories are most needed:
- Social workers
- Health workers
- Teachers
- Counsellors

Our skeletal team of professionals is available to work with volunteers. Please contact us at info@taostuganda.org if you would like to volunteer with TAOST.

Friendly, secure and pleasant accommodation is available, not far from TAOST.

More information about Uganda and Jinja in particular may be obtained at www.visituganda.com.

The AIDS Orphans Support Trust
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Email: info@taostuganda.org

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Geoffrey with group of volunteers from the UK at TAOST.

A volunteer in one of the AIDS awareness sessions organized by TAOST.

One of the premises that volunteers with TAOST reside in. Many have especially liked it for the calm environment, and beautiful scenery that surrounds it.