Hi! I'm the short one I first saw the light of day in dear old Templecombe, Somerset. I now live in Wellington and I console myself with the fact that it's every bit as posh as Sherborne...so there. Music has always been my main passion even from a very young age, I well remember my first piano lesson given by a delightful old lady who lived in a charming cottage deep in the heart of the Cadbury Hills. It wasn't too long before I discovered a marvellously expressive instrument with a vertical keyboard, loads of button and a huge set of bellows...Yes I had found the accordion. At last I found I could easily produce all manner of exciting sounds ranging from the lightest air through to the roar of a church organ. Sometimes I regret the day I treated Roger to a selection of my 'sounds effects' on the dear old accordion. During recording sessions the shout would often go up "Hey! Nick give us hunting horn for John Peel", "What about some wind from the sea for Seth Davey"? (Have a listen to the start of 'Waltzing Matilda' you'll see what I mean) My addiction to anything musical seems to get worse the older I get infact on a recent trip to London I returned with Harp!. I just couldn't stop myself. The wife says I have long way to go before I get to be an angel!!

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