"Wedding Receptions"

Wedding receptions can prove to be difficult when deciding on entertainment. Do you book a pop group or a disco? Have you ever thought of a Barn Dance? For centuries people have celebrated family occasions with a dance. Is it difficult? Can all ages enjoy it? The answer to these questions is a definite yes. Over the past ten years we have performed at hundreds of Wedding receptions held in a variety of venues from top hotels to marquees. Children through to grannies can take part, teenagers soon find they have learnt a new skill. Our highly experienced ‘caller’ will gently lead everyone through the simplest of dances gradually progressing to slightly more complicated arrangements. All this accompanied by a huge range of traditional jigs and reels from England, Scotland, Ireland and America. At the end of the evening what better way is there to send off the happy couple than for them to dive beneath a traditional ‘Dorset Love Arch’ created by all their guests.