Awards and Recommendations

Introductory Notes

Chapter1: Demons and Dragons

Chapter 2: Joy and Grief

Chapter 3: Glory and Splendour

Chapter 4: Standing Still

Chapter 5: Anger and Tears

Chapter 6: Good Days

Chapter 7: ...and Bad Days

Chapter 8: Comfort and Kisses

Chapter 9: Fear and Pity

Chapter 10: Sympathy and Understanding

Chapter 11: Anniversaries

Chapter 12: Homecoming

Chapter 13: Actions and Reactions

Chapter 14: Weddings and Worries

Chapter 15: Fate

Chapter 16: Give and Take

Chapter 17: Hope

Chapter 18: Visions and Dreams

Chapter 19: Consequences

Chapter 20: A Shadow of Old Troubles

Chapter 21: Facing Loss

Chapter 22: Charm and Childbirth

Chapter 23: Lullabies

Chapter 24: Secrets and Surprises

Chapter 25: The Road to the Grey Havens

Chapter 26: Tenn' Enomentielva

Chapter 27: New Beginnings

Chapter 28: The Master of Bag End

Chapter 29: Memories and Pain

Chapter 30: Letters and Lectures

Chapter 31: Revelations

Chapter 32: Treasures and Tributes

Chapter 33: Growth and Renewal

Chapter 34: Death and Departure

Chapter 35: Going Home

Chapter 36: Learning Anew

Chapter 37: Nothing to What I Have Now

Author's Notes