EPGnavigator is an EPG TAP for the Topfield TF5800 UK FreeView PVR.
EPGnavigator now also supports the TF5000 and TF5100 PVR models.
The TAP is available in English, and also in Finnish and German.
The Finnish and German translations are only part complete

Basic EPG features are fully functional, but some of the extra features expected from a good EPG have not yet been implemented.

This TAP is under active development. Version v1.6a v2.5 and v4.4 are stable versions of the program with few reported bugs.

Functionality in the current release includes:

  • EPG as a channel/programme grid.
  • EPG as a programme list by channel.
  • EPG for both TV and Radio channels.
  • Timers displayed in the EPG.
  • Show all timers as a list.
  • Create, modify and delete timers from the EPG and from the timer list.
  • EPG data gathered continuously in the background and saved in memory and to disk so that EPG data is always available.
  • Optional automatic daily channel scan to gather EPG data for all channels.
  • EPG configuration to allow options such as the daily channel scan start time to be set.
  • Support for the DescriptionExtender TAP.
  • Support for the UK Auto Scheduler TAP
  • Support for programme extended information.
  • Support for external fonts.
  • Reorder and delete channels from the EPG.

Functionality to be inlcuded in future releases:

  • Repeat recordings based on programme name.
  • Programme search based on programme name.

EPGnavigator has 2 main EPG views.

This is the channel/programme grid view.

And this is the programme list by channel view. The EPG can be toggled between the 2 views.

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