Parliament from the West

We were playing a brammer on Monday - scotnats, expats, michaels, floras, traquairs, observers, andrews and james (and who were these people, what was their occupation?) thomases, maries, ishbels, christines. The repartee scintillated wi quotes from MacDiarmid, MacLean, Nietzsche, Clifford Douglas, Deorsa Iain Deorsa, Neil Gunn, George Gunn, William Neill and R Burns himself. Then "Scotsman" staffies (we thought they were dogs) aborted the mission and shut down the forum. That was a jolly poor show. One thing a truly Independent Scottish Government will definitely ban is girning.

Wherever these hideous malefactors called the Scottish Establishment show on our radars, we set to knock the stuffing oot o them - usually hees - to knock them off their overpaid, ultra-pompous perches. Po-faced solemnity is never a sign of wisdom and their pronouncements on the scottish economy and banking crisis are merely stupid, not authoritative at all. We detest Centralist Control Freaks ergo we are 100% Co-federal which we will ratify into a formal Federation of Greater Scotia.

I run my ships like electronic swiss watches, nothing less is good enough, but don't play the Telé - of Rosie's that luthier McCulloch (ex Tools) has refretted for me - as good as Rosie Flores. But I'm practising. Practice practice practice ! Till you don't play it wrong. Rosie plays hard with frightening accuracy. She's not sentimental about her guitars. Neither are we about the future of our Scotland and our children. We will insist the referendum on independence is held 30th of November 2010 and there will be two clear choices: YES or NO. The latter is only for losers.

Yours firmly,

Jim Inglis : Editor