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Welcome to the East         Preston Silver Surfers   Computer Club, 


located in the village of 

East Preston,  

West Sussex.












What sort of members do we have?

East Preston has a large retired population and this computer club addresses the needs of people over the age of 55. Our members are male and female, ranging from experienced professionals to new users. Some were programming computers decades ago and others never will. What ties us all together is a common enthusiasm.


What do we actually do?

Our meetings usually start with a short session where members' technical queries are resolved (usually), followed by a tutorial. The second part of the meeting is where members put into practice, on the number of computers owned by the club, the information given in the tutorial.
There are other small groups who may not have any interest in the subject of the tutorial. These members usually pursue their own interests on the club's computers or bring their own laptops to use. We have a tea break half way though the meeting session.


Where and when do we meet?

At the Conservative Hall, East Preston (click on Map to see where we are). We have meetings every Thursday at 2pm. A new club meetings calendar has been produced and can be found by clicking Meetings Calendar . .


What sort of computer equipment does the club own?

We have about 19 PCs that can be used during club sessions, most running Windows Xp although there are a couple of computers running Vista/Office 2007.

 There is a minority interest in other operating systems. We also have a data projector, which makes it possible for all the audience to see what the tutor is describing on a large screen. We have internet access during meetings and the networking equipment to allow most computers to share it.


What sort of tutorials do we have?

Although we cater for beginners we also try to widen members' knowledge and experience. We have had tutorials on the following topics during the last couple of years.



What about the Internet

Most of the computers at the club are networked to the Internet.  Some members have web pages and we will be providing links to these sites.

Although my web page has precious little about computers you might find it interesting. Click http://web.ukonline.co.uk/g3ldo


Beginners Page

  Some members are beginners to computing and the nature of computer jargon to them can be confusing. A Jargon Buster page is available - just click on Jargon . Let us know what you think.

If you require any assistance with your computer problem(s) can contact one of our experts on Contacts



Read all about it - for the latest news click on News .; 


Members can e-mail news items or comments direct to me on < g3ldo@ukonline.co.uk >

  Peter Dodd

28th September  2008