Descendants of Thomas Bishop

Seventh Generation


64. Robert Reuben Bishop (Robert , Samuel , Samuel , Isaac , Thomas , Thomas ) was born 1 May 1831 in 6 Brewhouse Lane, Greenwich, Kent and was christened 29 May 1831 in St. Alphege, Greenwich, Kent. He died 30 Oct 1908 in 28 St. Vincent Street, South Shields, County Durham from Chronic Bronchitis; Gastro Enteritis.

Mariner residing at 1 Garritt Street, Gravesend with Susan (spouse) and daughter Ann.
Residing at 52 Blakely Street, St. George in the East, Tower Hamlets, London in 1871, as he was at his marriage in 1870.
Master Mariner residing at 20 Eleanor Street, Tynemouth in 1891.
Master's Ticket No. 55242

Robert married (1) Hannah Tawerangi, daughter of Chief Koko (Maori), on 3 Nov 1851 in Port Ross, Auckland Islands, Pacific Islands. Hannah was born about 1831 in Chatham Islands, New Zealand.

Aged 20 at her marriage in 1851. Signed her name with "X".

Robert also married (2) Susan Perciville Constantine, daughter of Adam Constantine and Amelia Thornley, on 14 Oct 1863 in Register Office, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland. Susan was christened 1 May 1836 in St. Mary's Stockport, Cheshire. She died 20 Oct 1899 in 29 Lockhart Street, Mile End Old Town, London.

In 1860 and 1864, Susan gave her name as Susan Bishop, formerley Constantine.
At her marriage in 1854 she was Susan Percival Constantine.
At her marriage in 1863, Susan gave her name as Susan Perciville Sutherland, spinster, daughter of Adam Constantine, aged 25.
In 1871 Susan said she was married and living at 2 Lante Street, Whitechapel.
In the 1881 Census Susan said she was a widow, aged 46 and living at 2 Samsons Place House, Mile End Old Town, London.
In 1891 Susan was residing with her son-in-law, William Jarvis and daughter Susan at 5 Shrubland Road, Haggerston, London.
In 1891 Susan said she was born at Gravesend, Kent and not Stockport.
Death registered as Susan Constantine Bishop aged 66.

Robert and Susan had the following children:

+ 139 F i Margaret Ann Bishop
  140 F ii Susan Elizabeth Bishop was born 3 May 1862 in 7 Richmond St, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland and was christened 5 Sep 1864 in All Saints, Newcastle-u-Tyne, Northumberland.

Susan was a tailoress in 1891.
S. Jarvis, daughter present at the death of her mother in 1899 - of 20 Skelton Road, Forest Gate.
        Susan married William Jarvis, son of Mark Edward Jarvis and Mary Elkin, on 25 Dec 1885 in Trinity Church, Stepney, Middlesex. William was born 10 Jan 1864 in Stepney, London, Middlesex and was christened 14 Feb 1864 in St. Dunstan's, Stepney, London, Middlesex.

A carver and gilder in 1881, as was his father. His brother Edward was a carpenter.
A carpenter residing at 5 Shrubland Road, Haggerston, London in 1891.
Labourer working in the Cartridge factory (Woolwich Arsenal) in 1901.
+ 141 F iii Amelia Bishop
+ 142 M iv Robert Reuben Bishop

Robert also married (3) Sarah Isabella Robinson, daughter of William Robinson and Alice Scott Fairlam, on 24 Sep 1870 in Register Office, St.George-in-the-East, Middlesex. Sarah was born 20 Dec 1846 in Pilgrim Street, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland and was christened 10 Jan 1847 in All Saints, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland. She died 1 Nov 1909 in 45 Eastbourne Grove, South Shields, County Durham.

Residing at 3 Promontory Terrace, Cullercoats in 1901.

Robert and Sarah had the following children:

+ 143 F v Sarah Isabella Ann (Isabella) Bishop
+ 144 M vi William Arthur (Willy) Bishop
+ 145 M vii Alexander Bishop
+ 146 M viii Robert Rueben Bishop
+ 147 F ix Alice Maud Mary (Polly) Bishop
  148 F x Elizabeth Ellen Bishop was born 21 May 1883 in 20, Eleanor St, Cullercoats, Northumberland. She died 2nd Qtr 1883 in 20, Eleanor St, Cullercoats, Northumberland.
  149 M xi Charles Henry Nelson Bishop was born 3 Jun 1884 in 20, Eleanor St, Cullercoats, Northumberland. He died 3 Mar 1899 in 20 Eleanor St, Cullercoats, Northumberland from Mitral Regurgitation 5 years; Dropsy 20 days.

65. William Bishop (Robert , Samuel , Samuel , Isaac , Thomas , Thomas ) was born 23 May 1833 in Fisher Lane, Greenwich, Kent and was christened 26 Jun 1833 in St. Alphege, Greenwich, Kent. He died 2 Jul 1904 in 42 the Grove, Milton-in-Gravesend, Kent from Sinectus Heart disease 18 months; Dropsy 4 months; Certified.

From the affidavit report of the Company of Watermen & lightermen of the River Thames, William Bishop was apprenticed on 13th March 1851 to Frederick Spicer and his freedom was granted 14 May 1867 (?1857)
William a Mariner in the Merchant Service and his wife lodging at 45 Howard Street (Lodging House), Great Yarmouth in 1861.
William, his wife Eliza and daughter Mary were visiting/staying his William's parents in 1871. The other children were with their Granmother Sarah Egerton. NOTE: Mary Bishop aged 5 is listed on both Census Returns.
A waterman pilot residing at 19 Milton Place, Milton-in-Gravesend in 1881.
A river pilot residing at1 Park Place, Milton-in-Gravesend in 1891.
A river pilot residing 1 Park Place, Milton-next-Gravesend in 1893.
A river pilot, working on his own account, and residing at 44 Grove, Milton-in-Gravesend in 1901.
A Pilot, residing at 42 The Grove, Milton at his death in 1904.
Died aged 71.

William married (1) Eliza Mary Egerton, daughter of Jonathan Egerton and Sarah Maria Chamberlain, on 11 Oct 1857 in St.Saviour, Southwark, Surrey. Eliza was born 21 Jan 1832 in Lambeth, Surrey and was christened 19 Feb 1832 in St. Mary, Lambeth, Surrey. She died 9 Mar 1886 in 19 Milton Place, Milton-in-Gravesend, Kent.

Music paper ruler residing with parents in 1851 recorded as whether blind or deaf and dumb.

William and Eliza had the following children:

  150 F i Margaret Sarah Bishop was born 21 Aug 1862 in 20 South Place, Bermondsey, Surrey. She died 20 Dec 1891 in Sussex County Hospital, Brighton, Sussex from Fibroid tumour of Uterus operation; Peritonitus Certified.

Informant of mother's death, residing at 73 High Street, Gravesend in 1886.
Jos. Anderson, of 48 Buckingham Road, Brighton, uncle, present at her death.
Joseph Anderson aged 63 living on own means residing at 48 Buckingham Road, Brighton in 1891 Census - with him his wife Julia aged 51 and Margaret S. Perry his niece.
In 1881 Joseph Anderson aged 53 born Southwark a stock broker residing at Lullington Road, Penge, Surrey with his wife Julia born Westminster aged 43 and a female general servant.
        Margaret married Horatio Nelson Perry, son of Robert Perry and Mary Perry, on 10 Sep 1884 in St. John's Roman Catholic Chapel, Gravesend, Kent. Horatio was born 15 Nov 1850 in 56 Southgate Street, Bath, Somersetshire. He died 23 Jan 1909 in Union Workhouse Infirmary, Gravesend, Kent.

The 1851 Census records him as Henry H. aged 4 months.
Assistant chemist residing with Louisa Joseph, widow, chemist of 14 Grand Parade, Hastings in 1871.
Unmarried Chemist (Druggist) residing with parents in 1881.
Chemist at his marriage in 1884 and living at 73 High Street, Gravesend.
Chemist & Dentist residing at 73 High Street, Gravesend in 1891 with an assistant and servant - wife not with him.
In December 1891 his wife was in the Sussex County hospital at Brighton.
A Pharmaceutical Chemist of Gravesend, died aged 58.
  151 F ii Julia Emma Bishop was born 29 Apr 1864 in Caistor Road, Yarmouth, Norfolk. She died 21 Dec 1877 in 17 Richmond Terrace, Milton-in-Gravesend, Kent from Scarlatina Anginosa 11 days; Pyaemia 3 days; Certified.
+ 152 F iii Mary Egerton Bishop
  153 F iv Ellen Mildred Bishop was born 24 Nov 1866 in 6 Bayswater Terrace, Yarmouth, Norfolk. She died 22 Apr 1873 in 166 Spa Road, Bermondsey, Surrey from Diphtheria; Certified.
  154 M v William Egerton Bishop was born 21 Sep 1868 in 6, Bayswater Terrace, North Yarmouth, Norfolk. He died 9 Apr 1873 in 166 Spa Road, Bermondsey, Surrey from Capillary Bronchitis; Certified.

Sarah Egerton (grandmother) present at the death.
Died aged 4.
+ 155 F vi Kate Elizabeth Ann Bishop
+ 156 F vii Ellen Mildred Bishop

William also married (2) Louisa Alliette Odell, daughter of William Odell and Louisa Emma McLeod, on 29 Sep 1887 in St. Saviour, Southwark, Surrey. Louisa was born 8 Nov 1859 in 131 Princes Road, Lambeth, Surrey.

Louisa was the governess to Kate Elizabeth Ann and Ellen Bishop (her future husband's 2 youngest daughters of his 1st marriage).
In attendance at death of her sister-in-law Ellen Chillingworth in 1892.
Widow residing at 44 The Grove, Gravesend in 1911
Possible death registered Staines MAR Qtr 1927 aged 66.

William and Louisa had the following children:

  157 F viii Louisa Alliette (Judy) Bishop was born 2 Dec 1890 in 1 Park Place, Milton-in-Gravesend, Kent.

Unmarried art student teacher residing with widowed mother in 1911.
+ 158 M ix Robert Odell Bishop

66. Margaret Elizabeth Bishop (Robert , Samuel , Samuel , Isaac , Thomas , Thomas ) was born 16 May 1835 in Garden Stairs, Greenwich, Kent and was christened 14 Jun 1835 in St. Alphege, Greenwich, Kent. She died 29 Jan 1923 in 24 Wickham Road, Brockley, S.E. London and was buried 3 Feb 1923 in Nunhead Cemetery, Nunhead, London, S.E.15.

Margaret married Alfred Gill, son of William Gill and Barbara Bryan Husing, on 14 Dec 1862 in St.Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, Surrey. Alfred was born 11 May 1838 in Bermondsey, Surrey and was christened 19 Aug 1838 in St.Mary's, Bermondsey, Surrey. He died 10 Jan 1927 in 24, Wickham Rd., Brockley, Surrey and was buried 13 Jan 1927 in Nunhead Cemetery, London, S.E.15.

Ironmonger's assistant residing with his brother Thomas Richard in 1861.
Ironmonger's assitant residing at Dockley Road, Bermondsey in 1871.
Ironmonger residing at 93 Jerningham Road, Deptford in 1891.
An ironmonger (employer) residing at 230 Lewisham High Road, St. Pauls Deptford in 1901.
Ironmonger (shop) residing at 24 Wickham Road, Brockley in 1911.
Alfred had an ironmongery business in Arthur Street, opposite the Monument in London.
Common Councilman (Candlewick Ward). Family lived at 24 Wickham Road, Brockley.

Alfred and Margaret had the following children:

+ 159 M i Walter Alfred Gill
+ 160 M ii Thomas Arthur Gill
+ 161 F iii Elizabeth Margaret Gill
  162 F iv Emily Barbara Gill was born in Dockley Rd., Bermondsey, Surrey and was christened 9 Feb 1870. She died 1872 in Dockley Rd., Bermondsey, Surrey from diptheria.
+ 163 M v William Gill

68. Elizabeth Jane Bishop (Robert , Samuel , Samuel , Isaac , Thomas , Thomas ) was born 6 Nov 1841 in 10 Bridge Street, Greenwich, Kent. She died 12 Jan 1939 in 187 North 1st. Street, Paterson, New Jersey, U.S.a..

Elizabeth married Carl Oscar Portin, son of Henry Portin, on 28 Jun 1873 in St.Bartholomew, Bethnal Green, Middlesex. Carl was born Jan 1837 in Near St.Petersburg, Russia. He died before 1913 in Jersey City, New Jersey, U.S.a..

Carl O. Portin listed in Gopsill's Jersy City, New Jersey Directory for 1892-1893 as Carpenter of 99 HOBOKEN Avenue in 1893.

Carl and Elizabeth had the following children:

  164 F i Margaret Catherine Portin was born 7 Aug 1877 in 16, Portland St, Stepney, Middlesex. She died about 1934 in Jersey City, New Jersey, U.S.a..

70. Elizabeth Ann (Ann) Bishop (Joseph (Joe) , Samuel , Samuel , Isaac , Thomas , Thomas ) was christened 19 Oct 1828 in St.Alphege, Greenwich, Kent. She died 5 Aug 1875 in 1 Horseferry Road, West Greenwich, Kent from Bright's disease 6 months: Coma 2 days: Certified.

Died aged 47 of chronic inflamation of the kidneys.

Elizabeth married Frederick Thomas, son of Edmund Thomas and Sophia Waters, on 10 Jan 1857 in St. Mary's Church, Lewisham, Kent. Frederick was born 19 Aug 1828 in Greenwich, Kent and was christened 13 Oct 1828 in St. Alphege, Greenwich, Kent. He died 9 Jul 1894 in 26 Spring Grove, Strand, Chiswick, London.

Boat builder residing at Avenue Road, Lewisham at his marriage in 1857.
Boat builder residing at 7 Horseferry Road Greenwich in 1871. His brother-in-law William Bishop was also living at this address.
Widower, Boat builder residing at 40 Green Dragon Lane, Ealing in 1881.
Boat builder residing at 26 Spring Grove, Chiswick in 1891.
Died aged 64.

Frederick and Elizabeth had the following children:

  165 F i Elizabeth Thomas was born 18 Dec 1857 in 5 Horseferry Road, Greenwich, Kent.

Present at the death of her mother in 1875.
Milliner residing with her aunt Ellen Elizabeth Bishop in 1881.
Present at the death of her grandmother Elizabeth Bishop in 1878 and residing at 11 Clarence Street, Greenwich where her grandmother died.
A marriage for an Elizabeth Thomas MAR Qtr 1886 at Greenwich was not for this Elizabeth
+ 166 M ii Joseph Thomas
+ 167 F iii Maud Mary Ellen Thomas

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