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Welcome to Our Site

We disbanded the team in 2006 - 30 years after starting up and with four championships to our credit.  The reasons for this are unimportant but it does mean that there will be no further news of the Guppy Sidecar Racing Team on this site.  We have decided to keep the site open in an attempt to inspire newcomers to the sport, and also to provide information about new projects as they occur.

Chris will be freelance from now on and may be called upon to passenger when needed.  See the Contact Us page for his details.  He also uses his experience to restore or customise customer's bikes - see the Renovation Services page above.


Update 13 November 2009 - The new exciting  Bantam rebuild project is complete.  Click the Bantam link above to read all about it.


Update 14 January 2010 - Some people never learn.... A new project for a new year.  A Honda Classic Racer is born.  See link above.


Update 11 January 2011 - NEW Restoration Services, see link above.


Update 17 May 2011 - NEW Francis Barnett-James page, see link above.


Update 31 May 2011 - Francis Barnett-James frame page.


Update 15 June 2011 - Francis Barnett-James frame and wheels pages.


There will still be updates to the Honda story so make sure you come back later.

Last Update -Francis Barnett-James frame page on 15 June 2011