Machine Details


Engine: Suzuki GSX1000, 16 valve head, liquid cooled and bored to 1198 cc. Lubrication Morrisses Semi-Synthetic.  JNE Pistons.  Carillo Rods.  Kent Cams. Performance tuned by Dynotech Performance. Blueprinted and rated at 175 BHP.


Ignition: Dyna 2000 all solid state, power curve 'B'


Carburation: 4 x Flat Slide Mikuni.


Transmission: Suzuki five speed gearbox with reduced sump clearance and internal baffles. Transmission by Regina endless chain.


Chassis: Baker tubular, bronze welded. Suspension units by Koni.


Tyres: All 13" Yokohama rear and sidecar, Avon front.


Brakes: Girling Racing cylinders (two) and calipers (six). Ferodo Racing pads. Goodridge kevlar hoses.



This machine completed every event in 2000,  2001, 2004 and 2005 without retirement. No mechanical failures occurred and the team finished in the first 4 of every race against considerable opposition. All preparation was carried out by Dennis and Chris, with tuning and major modifications contracted out to professionals in the relevant field.