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Autumn Show and October Meeting - St Andrew's Church Hall - 4th October 7.30pm.


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Photo Competition2007

This year the title for our competition at the Summer Show will be:

"The Weather"

Who Are We?

Welcome to The Farlington and District Garden Club's official website.

If you are interested in Gardening, live in or around the Farlington and Drayton area of Portsmouth then please take a look at what we can offer.

Our club has been operating successfully since 1982 so this is our 25th Anniversary Year. We meet at St Andrew's Church Hall on the first Thursday of every month (except January). At these members meetings we organise a variety of Speakers who give informative talks on gardening related subjects. The club also organizes three open shows and one closed show a year. In May we have a plant sale - but you have to arrive early as the high quality plants sell quickly.

 If you would like to join then please use the membership link for a step by step guide.

I apologise for not having updated the site recently and will try to do better. I would still welcome comments on ways to develop the site but for the moment you will have to pass them to me in person as I've had to temporarily remove the email link due to all the junk I was receiving.

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