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Welcome to the FAULL Index Page. My name is Jacqy FAULL nee HOUGH. One of my hobbies is family history research and for my sons and grandson I have traced the FAULL name (and associated spouse lines) to their roots in Cornwall. Due to the amount of data only the 'bare bones' of information is displayed here, but feel free to browse and contact me with any comments. I would also like to thank all contributors who have helped me in my quest of researching FAULLs worldwide.

My father, John Morgan HOUGH, who originally held genealogical information on his web page ( ), died on 3 June 2004 after a courageous battle against cancer. I have taken on his research and will gradually update and transfer his files to my own webpages. My fathers website has been taken down and the following link will take you to the pages I have transferred and amended todate. HOUGH & associated spouse lines.



FAULL Trees  Earliest Branch  ¤  Tree1 pg1  Tree1 pg2  ¤  Tree2 pg1  Tree2 pg2  ¤ Tree3 
Tree3 (Cornwall-Wales-Scotland-USA- NSW Australia) is currently held in a Word file but will be put in a similar format as the others in the near future.  
Tree 1 has more branches which are currently not shown but will be added in the near future and I also hold a file of unconnected (as yet) branches.

FAULL Wills - UK
    Index of Wills from 1858
    Martha Susan FAULL nee HOOPER   Admon    1874 - 1933 Tree2
    Will-Thomas FAULL                                           1855 - 1939 Tree2
    Will-Jane FAULL nee KESSELL                        1825 - 1904 Tree2                                    
    Will-Charles FAULL                           Admon     1753 - 1802 Tree1
    Will-Charles FAULL                       Will-Tenor    1753 - 1802 Tree1
    Will-Elizabeth FAULL nee SANDO     Admon    1752 - 1818 Tree1
    Will-Henry FAULL                                              1846 - 1903 Tree2     
    Will-Elijah FAULL                                               1860 - 1925 Tree2
    Will-Elizabeth FAULL                                          1844 - 1923 Tree2
    Will-John FAULS                                                1715 - 1738 Tree1
    Will-Gyles FAULL                                               1706 - 1742 Tree1
    Will-Henry Honey FAULL                                   1787 - 1836 Tree1
    Will-James FAULL                                              1680 - 1754 Tree1
    Will-John FAULL                                Admon     1787 - 1840 Tree1
    Will-John FAULL                                Admon     1750 - 1831 Tree1
    Will-John FAULL                                                1750 - 1831 Tree1
    Will-Joan FAULL nee GODALL                         16??  - 1683 Early branch
    Will-Joseph FAULL                                             1758 - 1834 Tree1
    Will-William Menna FAULL                                 1807 - 1857 Tree2
    Will-Joseph FAULLS                                           1803 - 1855  not mapped
    Will-Henry FAULL                                              1764 - 1842 Tree1
    Will-Jessie Julia FAULL nee ?                              1861 - 1931 Tree2
    Will-Julia FAULL nee WALTERS                       1859 - 1931 Tree1
    Will-Richard FAULL                                           1756 - 1835 Tree1
    Will-Thomas FAULL                   Will & Admon  1742 - 1803 Tree1
    Will-Susannah FAULL nee MORISH                  1726 - 1791 Tree1
    Will-Thomas FAULL                                           1759 - 1842 Tree1
    Will-William FAULL                                            1713 - 1786 Tree1
    Will-William FOWELL                                                   - 1845 not mapped
    Will-Benjamin FOWELL                                                - 1804 not mapped

FAULL Wills - non-UK
    Will-George Henry FAULL - USA                        1850 - 1913 Tree1

Wills in which FAULLs are mentioned
    Will-Richard JENKIN                        -Thomas, Catherine & Giles FAULL Tree1                      
    Will-William FLOYD  
    Will-Thomas RUSSELL / RUFSELL - Thomas FAULL Tree1
    Will-William LEACHER                     - Mar FAULL Tree1

Deeds in which FAULLs are mentioned - worldwide
    Deed-Joseph FAULL
    Indenture - Barton of Sinns in Redruth  William Menna FAULL (Tree2)
    Indenture - Black Rock Chapel Crowan    Thomas/William FAULL (Tree1)
    Indenture - Trevorrow Crowan    Thomas FAULL (Tree1)
    Indenture - Trenerth    John FAULL-Wm PALAMOUNTAIN (Tree1)
    Indenture - Paulls Downs      Thomas FAULL-Edward FAULL (Tree1)
    Indenture - Goonearl       Thomas FAULL-John WALTERS (Tree1)
    Indenture - Clowance    Thomas FAULL

    UK Quarter Sessions
    UK BMDs where FAULL is used as a Middle Name
    I also hold :
    UK, USA and Australian/NZ databases for FAULL Births, Marriages and Deaths
    UK & Australian/NZ databases for FAULL Military Personnel
    UK census databases for 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901 (almost complete)
    USA census databases for 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930
    UK electoral rolls for 2002, 2003
    Emigration from UK to USA database
    - all donations to these databases greatly received and if you have a request for a lookup please email me
<>Newspaper Articles - worldwide
John Henry FAULL arrested
    St Ives Flagday 1899 -
Mr. Faull’s "Sevastopol" (Tree1)
    Murder in Rhodesia (Tree1?)
    Joseph FAULL sues a blind man (Tree1)
    Bread Riot 1847 - Charles FAULL  (Tree1)
    Welsh Rugby - John FAULL  (Tree1)
    Australian Mining Accident 1865-<>Kit FAULL (Tree1)
    Obit - Rev Edgar FAULL, blind (Tree2)
    Biography - William FAULL  (Tree2)
    Wedding - William Jonathan FAULL (Tree2)
    Redruth County Grammer School - Frederick Otto FAULL (Tree2)
    Blackwater, War Memorial - Frederick Otto & John Thomas FAULL (Tree2)

FAULLs involved in accidents - worldwide
    Mining Accidents

Cornwall - the earliest root of all the above FAULLs
     St Piran, Patron Saint of Cornwall and tinners
     Life in Liskeard in 1858 - per Cornish Times Newspaper letter
FAULL Spouse Lines

Tree 1

     RODDA family tree

Tree 2
    DYER family tree  ¤  EDYVEAN family tree ¤ KESSELL family tree  ¤    MUNRO-PARKER family trees
    MAY family tree   ¤ PEACOCK family tree  ¤  OATES family trees    ¤     DUDMAN family tree


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