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25 Dec 2008 - Apologies to anyone who has tried to contact me during 2008 on either my jacqyh or jacqyf email addresses and not received a reply. Please email me again. During major home renovation works this year I have had two computer crashes and have been offline for eleven months.  I have managed to retain 99% of my genealogical data, but lost all my email addresses
8 Dec 2010 - Another year of technical problems which are still ongoing. In May 2010 my 2nd laptop died and data copied to an external drive was also lost when that failed too. Have retrieved research data up to May 2009 and few other bits since then but there are still gaps and my web pages havent been updated. The joys of technology! I am not giving up and am still researching, albeit less frequently due to my employment relocating to central London, so please bear with me until I can get sorted out again.


Tony is a landscaper,
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