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Mission Impossible

Maverick Incursion Episode 1: The start of a series - the 'Pilot' episode, so to speak. Full of smut and bad language and set at the end of S5 - then going its own sweet way. And, yeah, I know the title's been done. But read on.....you'll see why I chose it.
Mysterious Invitation Episode 2: They get their first instructions, so do things go as planned?
Midnight Intoxication Episode 3: An aurora, alcohol and an assassination.
Medical Intermission Episode 4: Sam's sick and the boys have to go on a mission alone. An old 'friend' pops up unexpectedly.
Maiden Insurgence Episode 5: Rebellion, addiction and respect sometimes go hand in hand.
Mayan Influences Episode 6: It's a race against time for Daniel to crack a code.
Mistaken Identity Episode 7: The gang sees double when Jacob comes to call.
Masculus Iuventus Episode 8: Hot springs, cock rings and Ancients' graffiti. Can Teal'c and Sam reach the guys in time to stop them turning the clock back?
Meteoric Impulse Episode 9: Familiarity can breed contempt.
Mythical Inheritance Episode 10: A quest. Question - should they have gone on it? Answer - probably not.
Mechanical Interference Episode 11: The guys are seeing double again, but MIA gain some surprising allies.
Minnesotan Interlude Episode 12 - A nice, simple holiday. Is that too much to ask?
Maximum Impact Episode 13 - Having established that a nice, simple holiday is too much to ask, let's see if going home is going to improve matters, shall we?
Making Inroads Episode 14 - Off the peg buildings and an off the wall missile. Just another day at the office for MIA.
Mischievous Illusion Episode 15 - "You're there, are you! Oh, you naughty boy, fie for shame, what do you do so far away from home? Up to mischief, I'll be bound." What the Dickens is going on?
Magical Inscription Episode 16 - New alien, old species, a wild guess and a weird ghost.
Machiavellian Ignominy Episode 17 - What's slimier? A snake, or a snake in the grass? An old 'fiend' comes to play.
Maybourne's Independence Episode 18 - A spiritual journey for Maybourne and the end of the road for Daniel?

Free Spirits

Free Spirits With no standing orders, what are they going to do? Will Daniel notice that they don't have any orders? Will he care?
A direct follow on to Mission Impossible.
Fossilised Salvation In which there is a large rock with a difference and Jack needs to butter Daniel up.
Frightful Serpent Episode 3 - Greek mythology, sleepy snakes and millions of air miles.
Furious Supposition Episode 4 - Daniel's at it again and it's another mythological mission for the gang.
Furiae Sanguineae Episode 5 - Rivers, rafts and run like hell!
Facing Solitude Episode 6 - Daniel seems to be the only one without insecurities; but is he?
Finding Solutions Episode 7 - Sam's engineering brain gets a workout and Daniel has to face a blast from the past.
Fighting Shadows Episode 8 - Storytelling takes on a new dimension
Fortean Slime Episode 9 - Goo, dinosaurs and Pythagoras. An average day at the office?
Flying Solo Episode 10 - A trip to Hades' shipyard leads to meltdown.
Fifteen Ships Episode 11 - A thought from Teal'c leads to dread for the MIB.
Fair Swap Episode 12 - Trouble for the guys, good news for a friend and a shock for Thor.
Founding Strategy Episode 13 - Comfort, consensus and a corona
Familiar Setting Episode 14 - Jack has some 'splaining to do.
Frontier State Episode 15 - It's déja vu all over again for the gang
Fatal Subtraction Episode 16 - Take two from one team, two from another, add them together and what do you get? Trouble, that's what.
First Strike Episode 17 - In the game of chess, the king is the most vulnerable and the queen, the most dangerous. Question is, will the guys remember this?

Final Stand
Episode 18 - There are major changes afoot, but how will Jack cope?

Coming Out

Rather than put up the entire list here, this is the link to series' index page. 28 Chapters covering four years of the boys' lives together.


Team Night

Team Night Danny's Jammies
My answer to the 'Linguist in leather? Colonel in crisis!' challenge The follow up....


Finding Myself Finding Daniel
Jack finds out Daniel's secret Jack's POV. Companion piece to "Finding Myself", makes more sense to read that one first.

Revisionist History

The Spy Who Loves Me
Rewriting my own past for Daniel. What if a certain someone was still alive? Would Daniel have stayed at the SGC so long? Totally AU, totally J/D - and totally not Stargate.

Independent Stories

Daydreams Jack's dreaming in the sun - or is he?
Flashbacks The past helps the future - with Janet's assistance.
For Jack Daniel has to do things....for Jack's sake.
Horror Story Read the title. You've been warned.
Indiana Jackson - I presume Danny loves Harrison - well, don't we all?
In the Morning The boys wake up together and don't remember how they got there. Where do they go from there?
Mirror Images A trip to an AU allows Jack to see a different side of himself - and Daniel.
Past Prologue A secret from Jack's past threatens to tear the boys apart - or will it bring them together again?
The Plot Thickens Spot the cliché. Many thanks to Catspaw for the bit in the middle.
Rain It's raining and Daniel makes a decision.
Sacrifice Xochiquetzl demanded a sacrifice - who am I to turn her down?
Shock Tactics Daniel's flirty and Jack's confused.
Surprise! Daniel's suprised by Jack's confession - and then he turns the tables.
Temptation Just how tempting is an archaeologist?
Too Much.. Too much to drink, too many secrets, too many hurts.
Um? A conversation between dumb and dumber.
Bear Necessities Jack's thoughts - and baaaad puns. Bear with me, will you?
Covert Ops Just a quick one. Jack sees something and does a little snooping.
Lost Daniel's lost and Jack needs to find him. But he's in the infirmary.
Overheard Jack overhears an exchange in the locker room.
Don't Ask, Don't Tell A hypothetical story - what if they dumped the damned law? How would it affect people? A tale of bigotry, tolerance, paperwork and communication.
No Plot Whatsoever Unbetaed filth.
After All A Mer***an fix. Sort of. No Danny death. (PG13)
Third Person Sam's POV when a 'stand in' general comes to the SGC. (PG13)
Just Just some sap
Hot Days, Sticky Nights Jack goes to find Daniel after seeing his dead double on Juna
Just Desserts Jack gets what's coming to him. My little thank you to you guys in the form of a PWP.
Snigger Jack learns to never wind Daniel up again.
Seduction Technique The title says it all (R for one 'f')
Dream Come True Daniel's dream comes true and turns into a nightmare
Bad Fiction Read the title - you have been warned.
Cabin Fever A different take on *that* episode and how things could play out.
Anniversary A thank you to all my readers, some of whom are now dear friends, on the anniversary of my first slash fic being published. You mean everything to me, guys.
Curiosity Killed the Cat For Eos. Jack's curious about a few things.
Anagrams A short silly fic.
A Noteworthy Event A Jackfic for a change. His lover has fair hair and blue eyes. But who is it? (PWP)
We're Off To See The Wizard I dreamt, I woke, I wrote. I hate my brain (R)
Deoch an Doris A drink at the door. A special birthday fic for Catspaw.
Down and Dirty Daniel's back and bad. Jack's got to stop him. And no, it's not how it sounds. S7, no spoilers (R)
Sweet Nothings Just a quickie from a different perspective.
Getting Back in Touch A short, sappy, unbeataed fic. Daniel needs to remember stuff, Jack needs to get back in touch with him, but is it a memory or the first time?
Thinking Hard An even shorter, unbeataed fic. Daniel's thinking. (R)
Payback This is the result of me daring Huffy to rec a crapfic to Lou and Paul. So blame them. I'm blameless.
If Only He... If Only I Daniel's thinking again. Silly boy. A kind of pre-slash, slash, PWP.
Oral Fixation A short silly J/D first timer (PG-13)
Partners In Grime A filthy first timer ;-)
Ping Another silly first timer. Daniel's gaydar's been on the fritz but it's working again now. (PG13)