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The Bane of All Mankind

This is a major WIP. SG-1 go on what seems a routine mission only to have their lives turned upside down when a previously unknown Goa'uld makes his presence felt. The team is thrown from one crisis to the next as they try and come to terms with the events surrounding contact with this new god. (R)

Spirits of Samhain Part One
Between a Rock and a Hard Place Part Two
Hide and Seek Part Three
Out of the Frying Pan Part Four
The Lion's Den Part Five
Gods and Monsters Part Six
The Sword of Damocles Part Seven
The Worst of All Evils Part Eight
The Unconquerable Will Part Nine
Secrets and Lies Part Ten
In Love and War Part Eleven
The Middle of the Journey Part Twelve
Breaking the Storm Part Thirteen
Fractures Part Fourteen
Memento Mori Part Fifteen
Maian Part Sixteen
Revelations Part Seventeen
From the Ashes Part Eighteen
Incinerator: Part I Part Nineteen
Incinerator: Part II Part Twenty
Liars, Guns and Money I: Arrian Part Twenty One
Liars, Guns and Money II: Ashanti Part Twenty Two
Free Fall Part Twenty Three


Hidden Remembered
Daniel's back and remembering things that were hidden. D/T (PG13) The memories progress. D/T (R)

Send in the Clones

Send in the Clones A Clonely Existence Clone Home
Danvers' answer to the Send in the Clones challenge. D/J Follow up. It's ten years down the line and things are progressing. Not necessarily according to plan, though. D/P- ish (R) Still later, the clones have to face up to changes back on Earth and within themselves. D... uh, not telling (R)

The Only Way

The Only Way And Then You Say Hey
With Daniel back, just what is he going to remember? S7. Daniel/Jonas (R) With Kelowna having problems, Daniel and Jonas meet again.

Independent Stories

A Christmas WishSweet Christmas sap. (PG-13)
PWP/HC/NC-17/SLASH This perfectly illustrates everything we hate! Plant your tongue firmly in your cheek before reading. (PG-13)
As the AU TurnsAn Alternate Universe story the likes of which you will never read anywhere else. Don't eat or drink while reading unless you want a new keyboard.
Properties of Molecular Cohesion A fic written especially for some artwork. A distinct thunk and drool for both fic and pic. (PG-13)
DuMaurierGate By 'Daphne Du Danvers'. How to write a badfic with *style* ;-) (PG-13)
Couch Philosophy
Does exactly what it says on the tin.

Scar Tissue

After Netu, Daniel has to face some memories. (AU) (R)

General Fiction

SG-1 Ever wondered what happened in that year before the SGC was formed? (PG-13)
Sam Carter: The Jaffa Slayer Fun and frolics at the SGC ;-) Angel fans should enjoy, too! (PG-13)

The Day After

Tag for FIAD. Daniel has to deal with Sha're's death. Daniel/Sha're (PG)