Intervals 1 That damn Broca divide
Intervals 2 Love and death and fire and water
Intervals 3 That old black magic had me under its spell
Intervals 4 Don't die on me again
Intervals 5 Needing you way too much
Intervals 6 Secrets of sorrow and anger
Intervals 7 I am you and you are me and...what the f---?
Intervals 8 Ding dong the bitch is dead
Intervals 9 Am I crazy or is it just you?
Intervals 10 What has passed....and what goes on
Intervals 11 The torture of days
Intervals 12 It's all in black and white
Intervals 13 One journey ends, one promise kept
Intervals 14 Feeling insubstantia
Intervals 15 This can't be happening
Intervals 16 Don't make me kill you again
Intervals 17 The other side of you
Intervals 18 There's always a downside
Intervals 19 Contemplating life
Intervals 20 You did ... what?
Intervals 21 Losing my dirty wayward archaeologist
Intervals 22 Don't make me kill you again... Part II
Intervals 23 Scratch and sniff
Intervals 24 It's always something
Intervals 25 Errors in judgement
Intervals 26 Blinded by the light
Intervals 27 Don't lose your head
Intervals 28 Sticks and stones (PG13)
Intervals 29 Guilt trips
Intervals 30 Heroes can't save everyone
Intervals 31 Skewed understanding
Intervals 32 That which is held dear
Intervals 33 Dear Daniel I
Intervals 34 Dear Daniel II
Intervals 35 Dear Daniel III
Intervals 36 Dear Daniel IV
Intervals 37 Dear Daniel V
Intervals 38 Dear Daniel VI
Intervals 39 Dear Daniel VII
Intervals 40 The more things change...
Intervals 41 A pair of Jacks...
Intervals 42 Breaking down the discipline
Intervals 43 None are so blind
Intervals 44 No rest for the wicked
Intervals 45 Two steps back...
Intervals 46 ...One step forward
Intervals 47 A little give and take...
Intervals 48 ...And they lived happily ever after...


Voyeur Daniel tries to relieve some tension.
Voyeur 2 - Surprise, Surprise Jack has a surprise for Daniel.
Voyeur 3 - Desire Fascination Daniel and Jack have an interesting hot time.
Voyeur 4 - Going PlacesThe play continues.

The Art of Frottage

Lesson 1 Teaching Jack the Art of Frottage.
Lesson 2 Never leave your work unfinished.
Lesson 3 Making use of one's accessories.
Lesson 4 Learning your materials.
Lesson 5 Learning in the field.


What happens when strange, erotic dreams force Daniel to end his celibacy?

1. dreams 2. decisions 3. firsts 4. encounters5. hunger
6. worries 7. burn 8. fantasy 9. games10. motivations

Other Series

No More Mister Nice Guy

No More Mister Nice Guy Bring It On Baby
Joy's answer to the Slave Auction challenge at the Alpha Gate And what happened after. *snigger*


Fractures Fractious
An angsty fic. Depressed Daniel and a bottle of whisky don't mix. More angst. More from Jack's POV. Just how will they end this?

A Secret Side

A Secret Side A Revealing Side Exposing All Sides
Is there a bright side to being separated? I think so. Daniel unplugged... Jack and Daniel finish what they started


Almost all stories feature Daniel, directly or indirectly. All stories are Slash, including Femslash. The characters are not necessarily how you see them and the pairings are not listed with each story so basically, it's caveat lector.

Pornfic Pornfic II
A Stargate SG-1 anthology of porn. I mean Porn. Nothing here but sexually explicit scenes and short stories hopefully eliciting what they were meant to... or not. ;-) Another Stargate SG-1 anthology of sexually explicit short stories. There is no romance and very little love. The title says it all.  This is sex, in wonderful and bizarre ways.


Dangerous Methods
Camulus wants Daniel, but he has no idea what he's let himself in for. [Season 8] AU. D/J; D/O It's Jack's turn with Camulus.
NB: This is AU. Not your normal image of the guys. But hell, why not have a change?