The Home of Felinis British Shorthairs.
This is Biggles. Known on his Birth Certificate as "Coppins Classic Dream". He is the master of all that he sees. The daily running of the household animal kingdom, is left to him, and he does such a good job of it. He never has to shout or snarl. All of the cats in the house and indeed the house dog "Leo", all bow to his wisdom and leadership.
This is an attempt to re-build the web site that I had online for many years. It is in its infancy and I ask that you bear with me for the next few months, whilst I try to do some kind of justice to my cats.
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Wolfie, or Wolf, or PeePee, or FeeFee, is my closest friend. He means everything to me. A sweeter natured cat you could not find anywhere. He calls and shouts and purrs like the best of them, but he keeps his BEST songs just for me. We are inseparable. He is always with me when I am home. I Love the very ground that he walks upon.
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