Aberfeldy Band from Edinburgh, Scotland. Aberfeldy supported James on three dates of his UK Summer Nights Tour in June 2006.

Ahn, Priscilla American singer, songwriter. Priscilla supported James on one date in Los Angeles, U.S. in September 2007.

A Horse With No Name America cover song. Performed by James and the band on the popular French TV Show Taratata on 14th December 2010.

Airport Impressions Band from Malta. Airport Impressions supported James on one date of his Some Kind Of Trouble Tour at Valletta Waterfront, Malta on 7th April 2011.

Akerlund, Jonas Swedish director of the music video for the single Same Mistake.

Albums See Back To Bedlam, Chasing Time: The Bedlam Sessions, All The Lost Souls, Some Kind Of Trouble, Moon Landing.

All The Lost Souls James' second studio album was released on 17th September 2007 (18th September in the U.S.) although in many parts of Europe its release was even earlier on the 14 September. I'm really excited to see the development from an album that was naive and honest and charming in its own way, to an album that is a bit deeper, a bit richer in its approach.James Blunt Produced by Tom Rothrock and recorded in Los Angeles between February and May 2007. The tracklisting for the album (in order) is 1973, One Of The Brightest Stars, I'll Take Everything, Same Mistake, Carry You Home, Give Me Some Love, I Really Want You, Shine On, Annie and I Can't Hear The Music.

Alright Tonight Early demo song written by James.

Ambershades British band containing James Blunt band members, Paul Beard and Ben Castle. Their debut album "Clap Clap Clap" was released in 2005.

America American Band. James covered America's 1972 song A Horse With No Name on the popular French TV Show Taratata on 14th December 2010.

An Inconvenient Truth A documentary film about the effects of global warming. Released in May 2006 and starring U.S. Vice President Al Gore. James has expressed a keen interest in the film and the issues about the enviroment it raises. During his North American Fall Tour in 2006, a trailer advertising the film was shown before the concerts. Also see Live Earth and Friends Of The Earth .

Annie The ninth track on James' second studio album All The Lost Souls. The song was co-written by James and Jimmy Hogarth and was first performed live during the North American Fall Tour in 2006. The lyrics mention the British music magazine The NME. An acoustic version of Annie (Live From The Garden Shed) performed and produced by James and Paul Beard is a b-side track on the 1973 single.

Army See Sandhurst Military Academy, Household Cavalry and Kosovo. Also see the related charity organisations Help For Heroes and Médecins Sans Frontières.

Atlantic Records James' record company. Responsible for the distrubution of his releases. At the Grammy Awards 2007 James performed the song You're Beautiful which he dedicated to the late Atlantic Records co-founder Ahmet Ertegun who died in December 2006. See also Custard Records.

Aumonier, Kate British singer, songwriter. Kate supported James on his UK tour in late April 2005.

Awards James has been nominated and won many awards from all over the world. To see a complete list click the link. James has also presented awards at various ceremonies. On October 26th 2009 at the Q Awards in London he presented Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) his award for 'Classic Songwriter'.

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