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WELCOME to Monkey King's Book of Amazing Facts! (M.K.A.F). The James Blunt fansite made by fans, serving the JB fan community since 2005. To navigate around the site use the A-Z buttons in the menu above. M.K.A.F contains over 200 individual categorized facts, biographies, a photo gallery, a full list of songs with lyrics, a discography and a live tour archive dating from 2004 to the present day. Happy exploring!

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New Album 'Moon Landing' - Coming October 2013! WWW.JAMESBLUNT.COM

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07/06/2013: James Blunt to play Radio 2's Live In Hyde Park on 8th September 2013! Info [HERE]
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17/01/2012: Added Airport Impressions, Added Goodbye Mama Hahn (Lyrics), Added Janin, Luc

10/01/2011: Added A Horse With No Name, Added America, Added Klasfeld, Marc, Edited So Far Gone, Edited Songs, Added Wakey! Wakey!

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