Sage, Kevin American comedian. Kevin Parodied two of James' songs. Beautiful (a parody of You're Beautiful) and Cross-Eyed Kittens (a parody of Goodbye My Lover). He released these on his website in 2006.

Same Mistake The fourth track on James' second studio album All The Lost Souls. The song written by James was previously performed at the live gigs since 2005 but was dropped from the setlists later in 2006. James performed Same Mistake at Live Earth on July 7th 2007 at Wembley Stadium, UK. On 16th September 2007, James announced in an interview on Magic 105.4 Radio, London that Same Mistake will be the second single released from his album All The Lost Souls. The single was released on December 3rd 2007. The music video was filmed in Toronto, Canada on October 5th 2007 and was directed by Jonas Akerland. The video premiered online at the Sun Online website on October 31st 2007. The singles b-sides are a remixed version of 1973 by DJ Ashley Beedle and an acoustic (Live From The Garden Shed) version of One Of The Brightest Stars.

Sandhurst Military Academy British Army Officer initial training centre in Camberley, Surrey, UK. James trained as an Officer for an intensive 44 week course at Sandhurst and graduated in 1997.

Salvador Design Design company responsible for James' album and single covers.

Semi By The Sea A lyrical line from the song Wisemen. An english expression that simply means a semi detached house by the sea. James has been quoted as saying that some countries don't understand and assume he is singing about a semi hard-on!

Setlists The songs and the order they are played at a live concert.

Shine On The eighth track on James' second studio album All The Lost Souls.

Shop, Official James Blunt The James Blunt Shop sells a variety of official merchandise online. Items include T-Shirts, Song Books, Tour Programmes, Posters, Mobile phone ring tones and more. To visit the North American shop click HERE. You can also visit MKAF's own 'Shop of Amazing Stuff' (powered by Amazon) HERE.

Singles See High, Wisemen, You're Beautiful, Goodbye My Lover, No Bravery, 1973, Same Mistake, Carry You Home, I Really Want You, Love Love Love, Stay The Night and So Far Gone.

Sinik French rapper Sinik (real name Thomas Idir) collaborated with James mixing I'll Take Everything on a song titled Je Réalise (I Realise) which features on Sinik's album 'Le toit du monde' released on 10th December 2007. Sinik appeared as a special guest at James' Paris shows on 10-11th March at Le Zenith and they performed Je Réalise as part of the encore. James returned to Le Zenith on 28th March 2008 as a special guest at Sinik's own show to perform Je Réalise.

Skarbek, Sacha Singer, songwriter, Co-wrote and performed on Back To Bedlam with James, You're Beautiful, Wisemen and Billy along with Amanda Ghost. Sacha also co-wrote the track Close Your Eyes with James and Jimmy Hogarth.

Skiing James is a accomplished skier and learned to ski from an early age. While in the army he became captain of the Household Cavalry downhill ski team. On 2nd-3rd December 2006, James participated in the Deer Valley Celebrity SkiFest in Utah, U.S.A. In January 2007 James was given the honour of 'Godfather of the Lift' having a Ski-lift named after him in the Swiss resort of Verbier.

Slade British 70's glamrock band. James and the band first covered their song Coz I Luv You live during the UK Tour in February 2006.

Slean, Sarah Canadian singer, songwriter. Sarah supported James on one date in Toronto, Canada in October 2007.

So Far Gone Song written by James, Steve Robson and Ryan Tedder. From James' third studio album Some Kind Of Trouble. So Far Gone was released (digitally) as a single on 3rd January 2011. The music video was directed by Marc Klasfeld.

So Happy Song co-written by James and Felix Howard. Is a B-side track on the 1973 single.

So Long Jimmy The seventh track on James' debut studio album Back To Bedlam. Written by James and Jimmy Hogarth. Inspired by the lives and tragic early deaths of Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison. It was the last song I wrote before heading off to LA so it was like saying goodbye to Jimmy my song-writing partner, you can obviously hear the nod at the end to Riders on the Storm by the Doors. I was enjoying making all those associationsJames Blunt The song is also attributed to James' farewell to Jimmy Hogarth before he left for Los Angeles to record Back To Bedlam. The outro on the song is a homage to The Doors 'Riders On The Storm'. James is also sometimes known as Jimmy, and he himself described the song as being a 'Jimmy-Fest'. An acoustic 'laid back' version of the song co-produced by James and Paul Beard was released as a B-side track on the 7 inch Single version of You're Beautiful.

Some Kind Of Trouble James' third studio album was released worldwide on 1st November 2010. The tracklisting for the album (in order) is Stay The Night, Dangerous, Best Laid Plans, So Far Gone, No Tears, Superstar, These Are The Words, Calling Out Your Name, Heart Of Gold, I'll Be Your Man, If Time Is All I Have, Turn Me On.

Somalo, Ruth Filmaker and Producer. Ruth directed the documentary film about James titled Till You're Told To Stop.

Song Books Two song books are available containing Songs from the album Back To Bedlam arranged for guitar and voice, and piano and guitar in standard notation and tablature. Also see Books.

South By South West Festival Annual industry led music festival held in Austin Texas, USA. James first went to the festival in March, 2003. Played a gig on the 18th floor Crown Plaza Hotel in front of 30 people. 5 minutes after the show Linda Perry came up to him and offered him a record deal. He returned to the festival in 2005 playing several shows for BBC Radio 2. James attended the festival once again On March 10th 2007 for the premiere of his documentary film James Blunt: Return To Kosovo.

Standing All Alone Demo Song. Written by James. Otherwise known as On My Own or Here We Go Again.

Starsailor British Band. Starsailor supported James on his North American Fall Tour 2006.

Stay The Night Song co-written by James, Steve Robson, Ryan Tedder and Bob Marley. Stay The Night will be the first single taken from James' third studio album Some Kind Of Trouble. The single is due for release on 25th October 2010. The video for the single was directed by Ray Kay and was filmed in Malibu, U.S.A.

Stevens, Cat Popular 1970's British singer, songwriter now known as Yusuf Islam. James covered Cat's song Wild World at Live Earth on 7th July 2007. During James' support shows for Sheryl Crow's U.S. tour in 2008, James joined Sheryl on stage and together as a duet they performed the Cat Stevens cover The First Cut Is The Deepest. On 23rd October 2009 at the Q Awards in London, James presented Yusaf (Cat Stevens) with the award for 'Classic Songwriter'.

Sugar Coated Co-written by James and Sacha Skarbek. Is the B-side to the first release of the High Single. First played live with the band during the UK tour in October 2005.

Superstar Song co-written by James and Greg Kurstin. From James' third studio album Some Kind Of Trouble.

Supertramp British Band. James covered Supertramps song Breakfast In America.

Swan, Sierra American singer, songwriter. Sierra supported James on his North American winter tour 2006 as secondary support (on selected dates) along with The Boy Least Likely To.

Swearing James has caused a bit of a stirr regarding the 'offensive' and 'obscene' words in his debut album Back To Bedlam - yes, the whole two of them.. and just for those who want to give a little nudge to your rebellious side...

The following statistics are, to some extent, of an obscene and offensive nature. Do not proceed to read unless you're willing for mother dearest to wash your eyes out with soap and water - you have been warned!

Here is an overview of James' latest obscenities, where they can be located and how they have been masked for the public's ears:

You're Beautiful - Back To Bedlam - 'fucking high'
You're Beautiful - Radio Edit - 'flying high'
You're Beautiful - Lazy Radio Edit - 'fff-ing high'

Wisemen - Back To Bedlam - 'all the shit'
Wisemen - Radio Edit - 'all the fish' or 'all the stuff'
Wisemen - Lazy Radio Edit - 'all the shh'

Wisemen also contains 'pernickety little bastards' - 'bastard' is considered to be offensive to some, though it is not actually a swear word. To avoid controversy, Radio stations edit this out to:

Wisemen - Radio Edit - 'pernickety little rascals'
Wisemen - Lazy Radio Edit - 'Pernickety little 'sturds'

James is human. [apparently] All humans have their ways of expression, sometimes you need a big shit after stubbing your toe... James has sworn on television. O2 Wireless Festival, backstage - June 2005:

James: Oh shit, I'd better run off and get changed then...
Interviewer: Did you just say shit?!
James : Oh... bother.

Thank you to Cool As A Cucumber for this insight into swearing

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