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The Fergusons of North West England



On the 1st April 2010 it is my intention to move this site and combine it with my main site. It was my intention to run both sites concurrently until the end of 2010, however this has not proved possible. Updates have, therefore, been stopped and the much enlarged site is now at a section of my main site.


Like many genealogists, whilst researching my family I found many Fergusons with whom I was not related. Rather than just file or discard them I decided that I would create this site using that information.


Details of my original family file are given on the right and the full site is at Fergy's Website


Since the beginning many other names have been added but the concentration on the Fergusons has remained the primary objective. Thus, where daughters of Fergusons marry, whilst their children may be shown, the lines continue no further.


Although every effort has been made to ensure that the information given is as accurate as possible no guarantees are made, and users are urged to verify the information for themselves. The data may be freely used provided that an acknowlegement of this site is made in the event of it being published.


I would very much appreciate being told of any errors in the data and all suggestions are most welcome, so please do contact me at the address below.





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Fergy's Site

This is my family site and covers the Fergusons and their relatives throughout the UK and many other countries.

Unlike this site, where known the descendants of the female side are all included



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