Welcome to our Lodge web site.
Fraternal greetings to all our visitors and welcome to our web site; Tyre Masonic
Lodge 724 meet in Newtownards County Down, on the 4th Thursday of every
month at 7:30pm, visitors are always welcome to our Lodge and the festive board
or supper afterwards.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our website, and that you leave us a message in our
Guestbook; this will allow us to return the visit or just to thank you, please include
your Lodge website, if you have one.

Irish Freemasonry, indeed Freemasonry as a whole, is transparent, with the only
intent of making "Good men better" we only lead by example, hoping others will
follow and enjoy our Fraternity.

Freemasonry in Ireland is much older than the founding of our Grand Lodge in
1725, In 1830, in Limerick, they found on Balls-bridge a small square dated 1507,
with the inscription,

"I will serve to live with love and care, Upon the level, by the square."

A simple concise sentence, with the essence of Freemasonry in those 15 words,
500+ years later, and the words are as true today as they were when the Brother
inscribed them, they will continue to inspire Masons for another 500 years, to
think the whole ethos of the Masonic fraternity is captured in those words from
the past.
See the Lady Freemason link for the original letter to the editor of the Freemasons
Quarterly, reporting the find in their Summer 1842 edition, including a drawing of
both sides of the square.
There are 11 Lodges, 4 RAC Chapters, I x Council and Preceptory, Committies,
Charity/Inspection/Hall and Social Club all sitting in our Masonic Centre, they
may be contacted in the Contact Us section of this site.
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Contact Us.
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Newtownards Masonic Centre.
Booking the Masonic Centre.
The Masonic Centre is available for booking functions/Celebrations/Parties and
fully registered for Weddings, contact me for details and booking arrangements.
The Hall booking form and the Club membership form, are both available to view,
and download on page 16, they are viewable in your browser and the download
version is a PDF? (Adobe) file, both are A5 forms but A4 is acceptable, email me
if you have difficulty and i will send them on to you.

Balls Bridge Square.
Visitor Information.
If you are interested in Freemasonry, contact the Secretary or myself at any time
via email, many of the questions you may have will be covered on p14, and we are
happy to arrange a casual meeting to discuss the Craft and have a chat with you.

The Grand Lodge of Ireland have produced some leaflets with further information
for prospective candidates, there are some available on pdf leaflets p14, or on the
Grand Lodge website, links p4, if you cannot find what you are after, please ask.

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Grand Lodge
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The Provincial
Grand Lodge
of Down
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Link to original letter 1842
Province of Down Facebook group.
All Members of a Lodge in the Province of Down are encouraged to join the group
and invite friends to do the same, it an opportunity to exchange views and receive
important news relevant to our Province, the group will go from strength to
strength as new Members participate in it, there is no requirement to post on the
facebook page unless of course you would like to remind the Brethren of news
important to your own Lodge. Use the icon below to go there.
Irish Masonic Network is another facebook group you may like to take a look at.

All subscribing Members of a Lodge in the Province of Down.

The Grand Lodge of Ireland, and the Provincial Grand Lodge of Down are not
responsible for content on this website, or links to external sites.
Please contact me if links are not working.
Tyre Masonic Lodge 724.
Newtownards, County Down.
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Updated April 2nd 2014.
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Irish Masonic Network

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