This is the current home page of Frazband, a free roguelike computer game, which should be able to run on almost any modern operating system.


Frazband is a single player dungeon simulation, in a Tolkienesque 'swords and sorcery' world. A player creates a character and then plays them over a period of days, weeks, even months (depending on how quickly they get killed), in the traditional 'dungeon hack' game of fighting monsters and finding treasure. The main objective is to increase your experience and so forth, and to collect useful items, to give you a decent chance against Morgoth, who lurks somewhere in the depths of the dungeon.

Frazband is a variant of Angband, based on ZAngband 2.6.2.

Major changes from ZAngband 2.6.2

Firstly, Frazband mostly re-Tolkienises the fundamentals, with Morgoth restored to the position of end of game baddie. Most notably, it introduces a new magic system, (though at present it's more of a reorganisation of the old one, few new spells have as of yet been added or removed.) The main goal here is to allow the discovery of new spells to be spaced out more evenly instead of being bunched up in sets of eight, as well as making incremental expansion and the addition of new spells easy.

It introduces a difficulty level which the player can set, (in addition to all the ironman options), and also makes reload capability a supported option which heavily lowers your score, rather than a cheat. A host of new monsters have been brought in, including some *really* tough non-uniques at the lowest levels which are better avoided. Monster AI has been improved, particularly for mages, who will now try to keep their distance and shoot spells at a PC warrior instead of charging, and many different types of general monster behaviour have been introduced, no longer just the binary hostile/friendly options.

There are some new types of monsters, and a couple of new monster abilities, in particular, some monsters may now summon specific subordinate creatures. And since the damage from melee attacks from most monsters gets pretty pathetic deeper in the dungeon compared to spells, some of them have been beefed up in this department. Since a lot of our changes are bad for warriors, fighter-types now have more hitpoints and can use melee skill to boost armour class to compensate. And various other things have been changed.

One more thing. You know those mushrooms which "look quite tasty"? You can actually eat them now.


The latest stable version is 0.4.1a. Strange behaviour has been observed when compiled with lcc under Windows, it's not clear to me what exactly is at fault here. At the time of writing, the version compiled with gcc has one minor confirmed bug.
Here is the changelog.


Source: bz2, gz, zip
Windows zipfile (Compiled by Nick McConnell of FAangband. Note this is 0.4.1, not 0.4.1a, so it has the bug in which the easy_floor option doesn't display lists correctly.)
(Pre-compiled versions for other OS's for which having pre-compiled versions makes sense will be gratefully received.)
8x8 Tiles: gz, zip
Sorry, no 16x16 tiles are available. If you want them, you'll have to make them yourself for now (though the 16x16 tiles for ZAngband would be a start.) If you do make some, please send them to me.

I've written some scripts for installing and playing Frazband under Linux. They are very much optional, Frazband compiles and is executed in exactly the same way as Zangband, so if you have experience, you won't need them. (Though they might possibly be worth a look anyway?) But if you've never tried to compile and use an Angband variant under Linux before, they'll probably be quite useful.

Linux scripts: bz2, gz


Send comments, feedback, bug reports etc. to

Status of bugs

Frazband 0.4.1 does not display lists of items on the floor correctly with the 'easy_floor' option. Version 0.4.1a patches this bug. You can also patch it yourself if compiling from source by uncommenting (removing the /* and */ from) line 3501 of object1.c.
When playing at a high difficulty level, erroneous monster death messages may be received in place of monster pain messages. Will be fixed in next release.
Reports of a crash at the outer edge of a wilderness, notes file corruption, and erroneous reporting of the difficulty level, which I haven't replicated yet.


Thanks to everyone who has commented on and/or reported bugs.
Thanks to Nick McConnell for compiling Windows versions.
And of course, thank you to everyone who was involved with Moria through to Zangband, who so generously allow people like me to use the things they've made.

And now for something completely different

I've written a Linux command-line utility for finding visually similar images. If you're interested, go see.