Yes, unlike Dick, it's little - but beautifully put together. Worth every penny. Funny and not a little risqué

Frank's current best

Not so much Cider With Rosie as Tizer With Terry. Growing up in an age of freedom and Politcal Incorrectness
 NON-FICTION: All the other stuff
Is it exotic? Is it still for the rich? Yes and no, and definitely no. Although anybody you tell will think you're loaded ...
Frank edits the whimsical words of Old Bill Potter. Yes, a gardening book with jokes!
   NON-FICTION: 'Holidaylogue' series

And now for something completely different ...

Knee-slapping story of two sixtysomethings who set out to conquer Peru
Lots more 'holidaylogue' adventures, from Skeggy to Bondi Beach...
Help for would-be writers, and in particular aspiring journalists. Much praised by the UK's leading trainers of journalists
A dream comes true – shame about the feuding relatives!
Morse? Lewis? Brace yourself for Oxford's curious new crimefighter
Same name, chance meeting, sparks fly, but fate doesn't give a toss
Tailgaters – we hate 'em! Irascible journo Jack takes drastic action
Omnibus edition of the Little Primers (L for Literature, B for Broca's Area, W for Wordsmith) series for wrtiters

Frank is a former journalist, originally from Lincolnshire, England, but now living near Oxford.
  He started as a junior reporter on his local paper after leaving school, spent many years honing his skills as a sub-editor, and eventually edited two provincial newspapers before becoming a freelance writer and editor.
  Some years later he realised an ambition by venturing into garden design. He combined the two enterprises for a while, until the gardener was overcome by a resurgent writing bug.
  His influences – and therefore favourite writers – include Alan Bennett, Douglas Adams, Bill Bryson, Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, Harper Lee, JD Salinger, Spike Milligna (that well-known spelling mistake), Keith Waterhouse, and Sir William Neil Connor – otherwise known as Bill, or 'Cassandra' in the days when the Daily Mirror was a pioneering newspaper. And, of late, a rediscovery of Thomas Hardy. What a writer!

For lovers of humorous writing.
And for all those happy-sad-demented souls
who love association football, footy (or footie),
le foot, fussball, futball, jalkapallo, juk kau, knattspyrna, kaalppanthu, pel-droed, pilka nozna, soccer, sokker, voetbal, even ball-coise and bluckan coshey, plus, of course, the Esperanto futbalo.

Or indeed, the beautiful game ...

(WARNING: A tad bawdy in places. Red-card risqué even ...)

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