Radiohead inspired creature...Radiohead..Radiohead's OK Computer...Radiohead's KiD A....Radiohead influences and Pink Floyd....radiohead and DJ Shadow/UNKLE Radiohead inspired creature...Radiohead's OK Computer...radiohead's KiD A....Radiohead influences....radiohead and DJ Shadow/UNKLE


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Our featured band: creature

"Hailing from Brighton by way of Jupiter, Creature mix big beats, acoustic claustrophobia, and electronic ambiance..... Creature are the soundtrack for the paranoid android within us all." Editor's Choice -




Despite creature's constant refusal to be yet another "Radiohead ripoff" there is no denying that they have managed to do something new and interesting with their music akin to the innovation we associate with the likes of Radiohead. With over 5,000 downloads in the first few days of the release of their single 'Stuff of Science Fiction' from their album Plans for a Universe their music is our featured album and you can hear it free by folowing the link below.

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