view of Bassenthwaites  Beck Wyphop
Site 2: Beck Wythop
How to get here
From M6 Penrith junction, pick up the A66 for Keswick. Follow this around Keswick and onto Bassenthwaite lake you are heading north. Dive site no 2 will be seen and passed as you drive along this duel carriageway but once at the end of it, you can pull up and "U" turn when safe to do so. Drive back south and pull up at the first lay-by you spot. Check you can see a point of land on the opposite shore covered in trees with a small village church on right.

Good views of the lake and for picnics. It's a good spot for the non diving members of the family who can enjoy the woodland trails.

Maximum depth circa 22 metres (reach 12 metres then turn north and parallel to road for a mile and a bit!!

The Dive
For your information only: A small stile has to be climbed and some steps to walk down before entering the lake. Heading east across the lake will see you into 10 metres within five minutes or so, but no deeper. Sadly, she is shallow and uneventful. It is claimed that Vendace live in this lake so maybe someone will get lucky seeing one, although admittedly the best chance is during a night dive close to shore in 2 to 5 metres.

Hazards to Divers
Nothing noted last time we dived

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