composite photo showing views of Bassenthwaite
Site 4: Ouse Bridge - North-east shore
How to get here
From M6 Penrith junction, pick up the A66 for Keswick. follow this around Keswick and onto Bassenthwaite lake. The Hursthole and Wythop dive sites, nos 2 and 3 will be seen and passed as you head for the B5291. Note that some car park lay-by's may not be marked on your OS map - at least last time we checked!

Take the B5291 passing the Bassenthwaite Boating Club and then over the Ouse bridge, noting the car parking sites offering 2 access points on the western shore (dive site 1), now coming up to the Ouse bridge (sharp turn right here) and you are on the North/north eastern shore line (road is now B5291). Watch for the lay-by on the right and you are here.

Parking is on this layby. There are other 'spots' to park just in case this one is full.

Down on the shore line, you have good views of the lake, and ideal for a relatively quiet picnic.

Maximum depth at this site as 8 metres. It is also a popular place for those boat fishing for Pike or Perch, so watch for any fishing tackle on the bottom. Its a nice slow descent to 8 metres out here at best, with some current from the river Derwent.

The Dive
For your information only: Entry from this north-east shore offers an interesting dive heading west/southwest across this shallow lake bed with the river 'Derwent' current gently flowing. Compensate for this current and you will surface by the beach on the opposite shore. Dependant on the current strength; if you don't compensate - you'll be heading north west into the middle of the river exit or visa versa depending on winds, inceased flow rates due to perhaps heavy rains etc. Don't worry about depth because you won't ever hit 10 metres even at warp speeds!!

Autumn and Winter would offer the best visibility, but rain run-off from the river Derwent may cause viz problems during the winter season. During the Summer season, the river keeps this section of the lake quite clear at 4 metres viz plus.

Hazards to Divers
At this site: Be aware of any current pushing you down and into the centre of this lake - OR the opposite direction ino the rivers exit) - its not a problem, but it could become exhausting trying to get back up to your entry point due to working against any medium currents flowing. The currents can work the opposite way round to what is expected in this area - fascinating stuff !

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