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There are two lay-bys you can pull up into. Both are on the side of the road. Divers allowed to dive here would have to cross this busy road. Though it is much quieter during the winter.

Please be aware that no-one has ever dived this lake, and that includes myself the webmaster. It will probably remain that way unless for a good scientific cause so this information is for your own information and curiosity.

This is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). The fact that people are allowed to fish here is in the strict sense of (SSSI's) intolerable to myself - but the powers that be allow it. Perhaps on historic grounds? Recreational Divers are too modern a phenomenon to be accepted.

The weather can do auful things to the lakes, so keep a close eye on the weather as it rolls in each day. It can change drastically here in th espace of just 30 minutes. (photo b & c)

The Dive
Shallow but with a nice flow of fresh, cool mountain water. This keeps the lake relatively clear at 4 metres viz, unless rain has been heavy.
During late July and early August (photo a) there is a fabulous display of the finest native water lilies in Cumbria. Some are white, others are yellow flowering.
There are plenty of trout in this famous and renowned angling spot. And they are all "biggies" in here.

Autumn and Winter would offer the best visibility, but rain may cause viz problems during the winter season.

Hazards to Divers
Getting tangled in the weeds and Lillie beds ?
As per dives taking place in Ullswater, divers should avoid the following roads: do not use the A5091 or A592 respectively after a dive, as this route takes you to 1286 feet above sea-level. You must NOT under any circumstance use the Kirkstone Pass road it has a lethal altitude of 1702 feet.

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