composite photo of Buttermere from the Western shoreline area
Site 2: south - Western shoreline
How to get here
Drive along the B5289 if coming from Crummock water / Buttermere village end and on your left, you'll see the only proper car park anywhere near this lake. If you came down Honister Pass then the car park is on the right - it's the only one anywhere near.

Parking for this site is best done at the farmers 'park and pay' car park on the left as you drive along the B5289, past Buttermere lake heading in the Keswick direction. (You can see Gatesgarth farm in the Header photo above -and Peggy's Bridge over the stream) (photo a)

Okay, take a look at the Header photo above. We took this (photo a) from the far side of the lake with the path below ending at the farmers buildings with the road out of view, hidden by the tree lines. This gives some idea of how far you have to go to dive this next site which is around 1.5 miles!, but fear not, since we have an invention called the wheel and having one on a wheelbarrow is a necessity on this expedition.

There are two obstacles to navigate on this mission. One is the gate in the photo shown in the Header photo above, and the other is another similar gate further on. Once you have cleared these (it's up and over job) you are home free after another half mile push with the wheel barrow.

Like her big sister Crummock water, Buttermere has not been spoiled by large parking areas and tourist developments. The surrounding mountains supply Buttermere with her clean, clear water.

The Dive
From the moment you step off dry land, you are straight into soft sludgy silt and that was our first surprise, the second surprise was how clear the lake is.

We found the centre of this lake bottoms out at 23 metres after a nice gradual descent. Turning right (north) we found depth increasing and finally held steady at 26.4 metres.

Having walk around this side of the shoreline on a recon mission, we did see several areas of great interest where rock formations appear to plunge down (photo b) and under. regretfully, the distance to walk makes it extremely challenging along with no road accces, nor any air support able to reach these sites should an incident occure, I rule these sites out.

Hazards to Divers
Divers should avoid the following roads: at Buttermere village, signposted for "Keswick". This route takes you up over Newlands Hause at over 1,249 feet above sea level which is not where you want to be after a dive. Also, do not use the B5289 south, past Buttermere which takes you over Honister Pass at 1,335 feet. If you need to head for Keswick the best route is head for Cockermouth. Otherwise, the lesser of two evils is the Buttermere village / Keswick route if you are desperate, however at 1249 feet above sea level, this too will place you at risk of triggering a DCS incident.

Other hazards underneath are unknown - this side of lake not yet dived although we have been close by.

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Diving Buttermere by Freshwaterdiver

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