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photo of the old Capernwray
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How to get here
Please read main page on how to arrive here.

This is a commercial enterprise with a payment of £# per diver at the car park entry point during weekends or at dive shop during midweek. A one off registration fee of £# is also payable.

Capernwray has a map of the area showing the sites to visit and depth. Each site is buoyed using different coloured buoy's. Have a study and decide what you want to explore.

The Capernwray management are constantly working to change anything and everything. In so doing there will always be something new to explore and enjoy in safety.

Sadly, that Caperwray character 'Murphy' passed asway a few years ago, but I am sure many will remember him (photo b).

The Dive
For those who make the trip, no less than five safe ship wrecks beacon you to visit. A special treat is the helicopter! oh, and just for fun someone threw in two horses! It wasn't a case of divers misbehaving, just a bit of amusement from the management, and no case to answer on grounds of cruelty - these horses (photo a) are statues that appear to be mounted on the quarry bed in some way. So if you are looking to gallop around this site then maybe you should edge your bet by mounting a horse. Don't forget that camera! If you must know names of the Gee-gees, it's Lord Lucan and Shergar. Both were standing in 8 metres near the entry point unless they have both trotted off to the deep end for a bit of training! The site is compact, some 400 metres in length by perhaps 300 width but this by no means deters from the fun of the site. Underneath it seems bigger somehow.

Hazards to Divers
This is a very popular site and as such tends to be a little poor on visibility. 1st aid is on site and sheer numbers of divers to help out can be a blessing in disguise, not that you will ever need any help on this well maintained site.

The Rainbow trout are very keen to relieve you of your sandwiches and will de-mask you if not careful. These chaps weight in at some five pounds plus and pack a fair wallop.

Diving Capernwray Quarry by Freshwaterdiver

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