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A large car park is provided courtesy of the Northumberland National Park.

You'll need a torch for this 5 metre dive!
An interesting area to be diving in as the famous Roman Wall (photo c) can be seen here. The quarry is of more modern times with the area now under the Northumberland National Park.

The Dive
Our dive began by finning out to the far, right hand side of the quarry (photo a). Disappointed by the depth at only 5 metres. That disappointment was enhanced by the visibility at just 2 feet with our torches on.

The bottom was becoming thick with strong weed causing us some problems in manouvering through it, and would cause serious problem's for surface swimmers if they became tangled in it. What caught our attention was the colour of the bottom. We have never seen a completely black silt bottom before. The silt itself was just 2 inches think with hard rock below. In the central area we had come across some green algae covering the silt - but this was a strange looking species of algae we had not come across before. (photo b)

What made the dive great was to find masses - yes, masses of Perch probably hoping for a feed from us. Another odditiy here is that several Perch like fish were swimming around, but they had no coloured stripes unlike the other Perch.

Hazards to Divers
Just bad viz all year round and some strong, long weeds making life difficult.

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