photo of BrownHowe beach
Site 11: Brownhowe
How to get here
The A5084 brushes with Coniston water at one main point on the West shoreline in an area called Brown Howe. This is a string of four small lay-bys.

The first lay-by has no access but the rest offer varying degrees of difficulty. The second and third are best, though still difficult.

The site access is down a steep bank, (photo a) with boulders strewn everywhere. The obvious here is that, should you loose your balance, getting over these rocks, (photo b) you may face some serious pain on impacting the ground thanks to that heavy cylinder and weight belt. Just be careful.

The Dive
A respectable depth of 20 metres can be reached at this site if heading straight out and then turning up or down the lake - whichever takes your fancy.
In spring you will find lots of young Perch finning around.

Hazards to Divers

Nothing challenging here unless you are unable to scale the wall.
Just take your time clearing the boulder field in and out of the water at any of the above sites.

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