photo of Coniston Yacht Club above and below the water line
Site 12: Coniston Yacht Club
How to get here
The Coniston Yacht club is just outside Coniston village on the A593. (photo a - as seen on ITV weather)
The road leading to the Yacht club is signposted as Coniston Hall. The Hall is next door to the Yacht club.

Coniston Yacht Club has it's own parking area for its private members only, which can be best seen on our video opposite. (photo b)

This is on private grounds and a private club which may, or may not, allow divers access their property, so you will need to phone and ask in advance. Those arriving, must sign in and observe club rules whether sight-seeing or other.

The Dive
Just to fill you in on this area. This dive site has a gradual sloping lakebed down to 15 metres but nothing exciting around this site. We suspect that Roger (a local diver) has done a good job of clearing the valuables out and returning them to the owners.
You also have the ferries doing an injustice to your ears down under, and that's an extra worry in this busy sailing area. SMB's are the order of the day here.

Hazards to Divers
For able bodied buds, nothing challenging here unless you are unable to scale the wall. Just take your time clearing the boulder field in and out of the water.

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Note: this is the latest updated video March 2013 - now showing

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