photo of Oxen House Bay
Site 13: Oxen House Bay -aka - Oxness Cottage area
How to get here
Following the A5084 from the north, you'll view the road come up against the lake with lay by on your left side (right side if arriving from the south) and last layby before the road leads "clearly" away from the lake.

The parking here is via the long layby, which is looking right over the lake (photo a).

This is another peaceful place, away from it all and perhaps one of the most picturesque place's. The path down to the shore is one of the steeper ones on this lake with care needed on the way down as well as up and as always - shown in the video.

The Dive
You are next to the shore line, so no long walk here although a steep climb back up. I have not dived this site. So virgin territory awaits (photo b).

But by guestimate, this is what I can tell you. Your descent will be a steep long one taking you to 40 metres in no time. I suspect there will be rock faces to explore at the 15 to 20 metre mark, but cannot confirm it. So please report back as this is guest a guestimate from experience.

Hazards to Divers
Not dived, therefore nothing to report.

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