photo of Dodgson Wood above and below the water line
Site 5: Dodgson Wood
How to get here
The woodland belongs to the Forestry Commission who have set aside picnic areas with tables and benches and toilets. The woods offer long walks and the air is heavy with the sent of conifer and other shrubbery.

This is yet another well appointed parking place with welcome amenities and forest walks for the family to enjoy. They could also walk along the shoreline of the lake and watch the ferries glide back and forth along this busy waterway while you go diving.
If Yachts are everywhere, you will need an SMB for safety. The safety wardens monitoring the yachts are eagle eyed, so if you do not have an SMB you will be approached by them for sure - and these guys and women have teeth!

This is another site that all the local dive clubs in this area use. Dodgson is steep shelving with rocky outcrops to be viewed.
Torches are obligatory if you are planning deeper than 15 to 20 metres. You should also be aware that this site offers 50 metres depth if heading straight out.

The Dive
Heading out (west) and then turning left or right having reached the depth you decided upon.
We won't spoil it for you - enjoy the rocks.

Hazards to Divers
None to report. Ensure you have the right buoyancy.

Alt navigation:-

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