photo of Low Peel Near on Coniston
Site 8: Low Peel Near
How to get here
A mile or more from Water Park, is Low Peel Near. Watch for the sign Media Photo b) down on the beach beacuse chances are this is where you'll have your eyes trained and you wont ever see the parking area.

You might miss this one on the way around. It is tucked into the roadside where rock must have been hewn out to allow parking here. Only room for two cars. One of the parking bays is always lying in thick mud. Fine for a four-by-four, but not for my Ferrari job. Media Photo (a.

This shore line should be speaking to you. It says I'm rocky, I'm deep.

The Dive
A rocky finger stretches out into the lake above the waters surface. Is it the same below?
All excited you go in and find that rocks are the order of the day but what happened to the depth which bottoms out at 23 metres having descended along a very gentle slope.

Hazards to Divers
Nothing to report.

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