photo of the Birk Knott parking area
Site 9: Birk Knott
How to get here
If coming from the south, Birk Knott is just passed the Water Park Outdoor Activity Centre. You'll notice the logs along the side of the road next to the lake (pictured above).

There used to be more room here but the side of this road is giving way. Logs have been placed along this stretch of the road to prevent parking but you can still park up - just.

This is a nice 20 metre dive. Torches would be advisable at this depth during summer when algae sees the viz very gloomy at 20.
The signs on the lake shore, point out that the lake shore is private land owned by the Water Park Activity Centre. Perhaps they will allow you to park and dive from the Activity Centre premises?
Sadly, any treasure chests full of gold would have to be handed in :-)

The Dive
Heading out will see you at a maximum of 20 metres. If you head down south, you'll only reach 10 metres and lots of silt. Pike can sometimes be spotted in the area as with Perch that are everywhere.

Hazards to Divers
You may come across the odd tree root.

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